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  1. Too bad she let go on ya..... Your username kinda cuts down on your replacement options....
  2. All of the paypal stuff went out today. (tuesday) thanks
  3. p.m.s returned pleasure unit and fish on. Lou is whippin gla's butt on this 5-1 Thanks
  4. Deck plate? http://www.amazon.com/Cannon-Deck-Plate/dp/B001IXWA7O Yes I have 4 of them too I guess. Make an offer [ Post made via iPhone ]
  5. Pics here: http://www.glanglerforum.com/forum/show ... ry-blowout. Downrigger and accessory blowout. Have too much stuff and I am getting sick of moving it around 4 cannon low pro swivels bases (new) $60/pc. SALE PENDING 3 10 lb pancake weights. 2 are black with bendable fin. 1 is an orange and the fin doesnt bend nearly as easily but I imagine it would. $20/pc 3 Cannon deck plates. $15/pc http://www.amazon.com/Cannon-Deck-Plate/dp/B001IXWA7O 1 cannon link module $100 near new. http://store.cannondownriggers.com/p...765/CannonLink 1 clymer 1986-93 omc sterndrive book. $20 http://www.clymer.com/Book.aspx?bid=...s%2c+1986-1993 4 proos electrics, adjustable booms (?4ft?) with 4 inch swivel bases $85/pc 1 needs a counter and 2 need a counter spring similar too big jons. $300 takes all 4. Not sure if I can ship this or not but I also have an 90 inch aluminum trolling board from cabelas (new) with versa ball pedastal mounts. Never used. ($240 new) $125 Atlantic towers arch swivel mounts. $250 All riggers need cord ends but work none the less. Most of the smalll stuff can be shipped priority mail for $5 besides the riggers and board *********************************************************************** Upcoming when we can get to the boat in storage. 3 cannon mag 10's pos ion and short stop. not sure what model 5-7 years old 1 mag 5hs 4 low pro bases 5 inch garmin fishfinder possibly.
  6. Not sure of the exact age of them. He bought them used 2.5 ? years ago and used them 5 times since then. We live in sw mn so the opportunity to use them is slim around here. And when we go to l.michigan we take my bigger boat and all my stuff. The times I used them on lake of the woods they worked fine. He has 5 children and is focusing most of his fun money on bowhunting. Yes they come with bases. Give me a call if you want. 5072200552 Rod. I post wuite a bit more on GLA than on here.
  7. Cannon link Enables select Humminbird fish finders to control the operation of up to 6 Cannon Mag 20, DigiTroll 5, or DigiTroll 10 downriggers. CannonLink gives you full control of up/down functionality as well as the ability to adjust PIC, adjust downrigger speed, program the amount of line on the reel for better line count accuracy, cycle the downrigger between different depths at specified intervals, bottom track, and even display readings from your intelliTroll Speed & Temp sensor directly on your Humminbird screen. Humminbird Fishfinder not included. Compatible Humminbird fishfinders include 700, 800, 900, 1100 and Matrix series. Share MSRP $199.99 $175 shipped
  8. Got a pair of canon mag 20's. Selling these for a friend. $900/pair obo plus shipping.
  9. Still available plus some more stuff. 4 Big Jon ball cradles, no rod holders. $15/pc Drilled for cannon also. 4 cannon deck plates. $10/pc 1 cannon swivel base $50 4 Proos electric downriggers $100/pc all 4 for $325. Two missing counters. all missing cord ends. May need cable. 4 inch swivel bases included. Shipping not included.
  10. I have one new set would trade for an old style battery end plus a little cash? phone number in my profile. make me an offer
  11. Proos electric downriggers 4 proos electric downriggers, they came with a boat I bought last year. I have not used them but have tested them on a bench and seem to work good and are very quiet. They are dinged up a little but useable. A couple of them need either a linecounter or counter spring. Unknown cable length. 4 ft adjustable booms $125 with working counter, $100 without. + actual freight. I dont post much on here, but a few of you might know me from gla. Cell no. in my profile if any questions
  12. interested in these http://postimage.org/image/2fnjhb4mc/ and these http://postimage.org/image/2fncv5qn8/ Can paypal
  13. UPDATE: NO REELS YET!!!!! HONESTLY DONT THINK I WILL EVER GET THEM!!!! stjoeguy Tony Wiatrowski 2735 s. lakeshore saint joseph mi. 49085 [email protected] 269-830-0152 You are a class act. You said you the reels were on the way on the 13th, then you said the reels were on the way on the 22nd. And I am sure if I get ahold of you now you will say the reels are on the way now. Maybe I will book a charter with you under a false name and just start chucking combos over the side of your boat until i feel we are square??? You've got my phone number,email address, and home address. MAKE IT RIGHT! Edit: I will add that he said he had some family problems..... his grandfather died, then his grandma fell and hurt herself, then the reels came back as unable to deliver or something. I am sorry if either or both of the first two happened but I have given you ample time to get this done. I wasnt too worried about the poster as I have seen him quite a few times on GLA so I knew he had been around for a while.
  14. Update. I sent him the money on Dec 1st. No reels as of yet. Did get a couple emails from him. Maybe Santa picked them up? Please call me back Anthony. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  15. I'm not much for calling, but I would be interested in how much they are?????
  16. Good job!!! I think he should have to wear a chef hat while he is out fishing. Seriously that chowder is awasome.
  17. http://www.coppertone.com/coppertone/index.jsp Seriously, I would guess meatrigs came from the west coast???? http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/category ... egoryId=14
  18. I will be running the cordless next year. The way mine is put in it is either trip over the cord or leave the control lay on the dog house which is fine until somebody sits on it and we go all crazy ivan........bad deal! I will be leaving the corded unit in the boat though.
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