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  1. i shop there and all seasons alot for my trib fishing . i do have to agree . top of the line spots .....
  2. cva opyima . well worth the less money other out there. they break and will take a 150 charge . but 100 with a 145 power belt copper hollow point will drive tacks .... me i found that cleaning after every shot makes a difference
  3. i really hope you are not on this site you low life .... we catch you . its your ass . like to cut the cables to stands and slice my fathers new ground blind.... i know everybodies stand locations ... so keep on playing.....
  4. nice deer . with the amount of blood he didnt go far
  5. agreed . with warmer temps . gotta act fast ...
  6. tonite low of 43 . winds out of the west at 8 mph . precip 52% .. opening morning . temp in the 40s . winds at 8 out of the west then sw at 12 to 15 mph . precip . 52% good luck guys . im headed to camp shortly after dinner . spend the night and hunt all day .
  7. its going to make the deer nocternal quicker . im all about the youth . but keep the youth as the season is ....
  8. wind . ssw at 8mph . rain 60% . moon . full . highs in the 70`s . lows in the 50`s . ill still be out ............
  9. im very big on scent control . we as hunters will never kill all scent , but we tame it down . i dont use the clothing . way to much money for a guy like me with 20 different suits ... just wash them and spray . keep the suits in a bin . and spray all yor layers . been doing this for years . and i see alot of deer .
  10. found a nice cluster of rubs that are a day old . bark is green still on the ground.
  11. just ordered 8 different seed blends from whitetail instute .. cant wait . i have all our fire wood done and stands ready .. and the way it looks we wont be able to throw the seeds in til early september. going to move the camera tomarrow . so stay tuned for pics ..
  12. i know im pumped up .. got up early to beat the heat and bugs and headed down to camp. did some scouting and really liked the sign near 4 of my sets . the other 4 sets i stayed out of them .. come on oct 1st
  13. last nite i received a call from my father that he had the new york sportsman paper . and yes its a go . i havent read it yet . but hes excited . it has me really thinking of what and how to approach this .
  14. well look whois up . the boat looks great . the fish coming into the back of it were nice to . nice to see you made it up this season rod
  15. ok sorry . your rite left out of the shoot is west , got turned around . gotta head towards maxwell , hughes , p ville .
  16. it is east , past the trailer park . you should be able to see the barns from the water
  17. wish i was out there . looks like a good king day .hows the fishin out at the tin barns been
  18. i know that the damn dogs are open all year on my property
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