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  1. There's nothing wrong with the big weenie vibrator flies. They are well made and you don't even need a flasher. Just run them like a spoon.
  2. I had the same issues, tried wrapping around swim noodles as some other recommended ways and always got tangled. I just picked up some Plano tackle boxes model 2-3730 I believe and they seem to do the trick. Just wrap your fly leader around your flasher and it fits nicely with the 8" sized flashers like Spin doctors pro trolls and hot spots. I believe the were both under $6.00 each. I have two boxes , one for low light conditions and early morning, the other bright sunny days. Making it easier to find what your looking for. I know there are some other alternatives that may be out there, but this seems to do the trick.
  3. Salmon fishing is addictive. Once you catch one, you're pretty much hooked for life. Pardon the pun.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am taking my father out on the lake for the first time in his life this weekend. I want him to catch some fish. If the brown bite is slow i want to weigh my options with lakers and if we don't keep them, I want to make sure I can get them back down to where they came from for someone else to tangle with if they choose.
  5. Way to go. Very nice fish. It seems that some of these charters think they own the water. Not all, but there certainly some of them who think you have to move because you're a weekend warrior fishing for fun.
  6. I did not know it was an Atomik sponsored event. Thanks for the prompt response.
  7. I have been considering getting in a tourney or two this year. I won't be able to get into the LSR brown trout derby, but may be able to get into the one in July. Does anybody know about this one or even if it exists? Let me know the details if you would. Thanks.
  8. I have not caught many lakers nor do I target them, but they few we caught we kept. I have heard and seen on TV about catching lakers and having to puncture the air bladder with a syringe so that they will live when released. At what depth or time of the year does that need to be done? Please let me know. Thanks.
  9. You guys are having a heck of a season so far. Every picture that you posted has had a mess of fish. Congrats keep up the good work.
  10. Thanks for your responses. I definitely don't want to be running wires. I'll have to look at the LED battery options. I'll look into them. I use the LED head lamps for hunting and they should be fine in this application as well. Appreciate the feedback.
  11. It's definitely stiffer than the Berkley big game. I hope it won't affect the performance of my lures. I may have to leader down with with BBG or maybe Fluorocarbon line for better action.
  12. I am looking to add a light or two to light the interior of the boat. The Cuddy cabin has them but not the upper deck. I want to be able to rig up while heading up the river on the way out to the lake or even at the dock. The problem is I have a canvas soft top. Does anybody have any pics or recommendations as to what they did with theirs to get lighting for the boat interior. I want them set up so they can be removed when I button up the boat when not in use for a few days or weeks. Please let me know. I attached some older pictures from a few years ago to show you what I'm dealing with. Keep in mind the back section of canvas is rarely used and I have added track sections on the sides and backs for rod holders and down riggers, but that really doesn't matter in this case.
  13. Nice Job. I heard the fishing started to finally slow down a bit in the eastern basin after an April blitz of fish.
  14. Congrats on the fish. Sorry to hear about the rigger. They aren't cheap. Hopefully you'll be covered under the warranty.
  15. Do you think it was due to the cold water temps? I noticed it seemed a little stiffer than my BBG line that I have used in the past. If I lose a king or two because of , it will definitely be off the reel.
  16. Good job, keep up the good work. Can't wait to get back out on the water myself. Fishing by your self can be extremely tough especially if there is a nice chop and rough weather. I don't even bother trying it on my boat anymore. Congrats.
  17. I have been using Berkley Big game pretty much for all of my trolling gear in 15lb on up to 30lb depending on the rod and reel combo since I started fishing Lake Ontario. I have never had an issue with it. But while surfing the web I came across a site called Overstockbait.com. They were having some serious deals on the Stren High Impact line that came in pink in a variety of weights in 1/4 spool size. At $1.99 per spool I found it hard to pass up and bought several spools in three different weights considering I am paying $8.99 for the equivalent in the Berkley Big Game. It looks just like ANDE line. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the Stren High Impact? Usually when stuff is too good to be true, it is. I am hoping that is not the case. If not I am out less than $20.00 which included the shipping and a lesson learned.
  18. Thanks for all your replies. I may move up to the bigger boats eventually when I get a bigger boat in a few years.
  19. I see an equal mix on the lake. Some Church's other guys use the OSPs. I do like the OSP 18 release, I may pick up some if I say with the OSP brand. I kicked around the idea of Otter boards, then I need the reels and a mast etc. I have had the OSP for 3 years and really no complaints, jut want to put a few more line in the water especially when the browns were biting like they were in shallow last week.
  20. I wanted to add 2 more planers to my mix. I have OSPs now and have taken fish with them over the years. I think I am going to add 2 more to my spread. The OSP's can be tough take off when fighting a fish. I have the Keating on kings video and he seems to take it off the Churck Walleye boards pretty easily and more quickly than the OSPs. I'm just wondering what sentiment is on them out there. I don't want to start a ford/ chevy type debate, but if there is no real advantage of one over the other I just may stay with the OSPs since I am familair with them. Appreciate the feedback.
  21. The thinner diameter of the braided line will become a big issue come flea season.
  22. I had a great and productive past weekend on Lake Ontario.. I found myself improvising on my gear since my 4 lead core rigs were useless because the browns were in so shallow. I used 6' MH ugly stik casting rod which accounted for 4 fish off the inlines and a 8' med Eagle claw down rigger having to run the other board. That was had to read because of the bending that was mostly present when trolling. We landed on off of that set up and lost one as well. What do you guys reccomend for running shallow baits off of inline Planers. Some day I'll upgrade to the big planers with the reels but for now these will have to do.
  23. We didn't want to leave yesterday afternoon to come back to Pa. Why did it have to be Easter this weekend?? Good job. I wish I could have back at them today.
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