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  1. Two man crew, 20 foot jon boat, six small mouths forty five browns one king. Big waves lots of wind. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. Check out Ardentangler.org. Chris is the NE & Canada sales rep for Navionics. Send him an e-mail, I am sure he will point you in the right direction.
  3. They were on Conesus about two weeks ago. After their gig was over, they stayed in the parking lot blocking traffic. Boats were backed up onto east river road and no one from the ramp guard shack made any attempt to move them along. It was amussing to see them with their team shirts on, talking and not having a care in the world that they caused a 45 minute backup because they had no respect for others. Basshole sounds about right.
  4. they were heavy in the 40 - 90 FOW range yesterday
  5. Headed out with the Mrs. shortly. Never fished this lake. We are looking to jig some smallies; any one have some tips on where to look? My normal waters are Erie, Ontario and Seneca. Thanks.
  6. If you want to wrestle something big you may consider sharks on the flats. Lemons and black tips are typical. A flats guide should be much cheaper than $900 and you'll catch a bunch
  7. It is a shame that some of the locals haven't connected the dots that their economy stems from tourist fisherman (and snow mobilers). The town has a reputation for problems... slashed tires when guides from out of town show up; fighting with fisherman and then the time that Mickey blew away Rich in the street with a shot gun (outside his store the Yankee Fly Shop). What a shame, the Salmon River is the only NY Ontario trib that has year-round Blue Ribbon fishing potential. If the authorities won't clean up the town then maybe the fisherman need to hire the A-Team??!!
  8. Never tried the mini's but have tried jet divers and in-line weights off the boards. I can tell you that one 20 foot jet per board is all the otters could handle; two jets wanted to sink the otter. In-lines work well.
  9. Just so you know, I center pin too. The right tools at the right time equates to a great fishing experience.
  10. In this mud your best bet is to drop chicken livers to the bottom in some of the lower deep holes... the cats will be all over it. Mud doesn't bother them a bit.
  11. Sorry Moderator. The tread should have been pulled down upon the initial post... it atacked center piners which was bound to proke a truthful responses and negativity. I will mind my manors moving forward.
  12. I troll salmon and trout and feel that float fishing is exactly like trolling... brain-less; none-the-less, both are the most effective way to load the boat. You are either an a-hole trying to provoke people or just ignorant. Ask me how I feel about golf, bowling, kniting, chess, flying kites and the rest of the things other people do that I don't. Well I will tell you; I think it is great that there is diversity in this world. Imagin if every person in NY had a boat rigged to troll salmon and they hit the big O every day... combat fishing would take a new meaning. If you are just ignorant, sit back and respect other people's hobbies and be thankful that every person in this world doesn't have the exact hobby you do.
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