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  1. Look guys, not to be a d!ick but, this shop is being ran the same as it always has been. 1 PERSON. No i haven't given anybody BS excuses on what's going on. My ringer is off all day because i don't have time for chit chat, my notifications for email and FB are also turned off. This is the 1st time I've been logged in over here in 5+ months. I have to go in manually to look at any of it. Just causes me too many distractions. I no longer buy precut tape, i cut it all. I'll make a long story short, i do everything that gets done to your spoons except watch a press operator punch the blades out. Success don't come from experience, comes from learning. I've been doing small scale **** for 4yrs now. Shop is completely different now than when i started. There's no room left here, and it makes it a royal to do what i need to do. Shop is currently getting moved. If I was doing something wrong I wouldn't have built what I did, i wouldn't be in the procedure of making a larger longterm shop. I'm ready sorry that ppl had to wait, or be refunded. I'm not proud of that, it's life, **** happens.
  2. Rayovac makes one. Same metallic purple as the Dreamweaver flashlight. Rayovac's is much brighter, and the bulbs don't blow as easily. I have probably 5 of both lights.
  3. Hey guys. Website is down due to terrible supply problems again. Fat Nancys pulaksi, warrens in sodus, and narbys have been the only places I have been trying to keep stocked up. I had no choice but to take site down for now because orders were coming in like nobodys buisness. Shipments were being delayed for a very long time, and I felt terrible about it. It was a problem that I have no control over. If you cannot make it to these shops they will ship to you. I do have a limited stock of hiviz mags, and radiation mags, and some of the standard sizes. If you cannot obtain what you need through those shops please send me a message on here or my private facebook page and I will see what I can do for you.
  4. #1, go a size larger and your spoon action dies
  5. Hey guys, I've been debating on producing musky tackle as another branch of tackle outside of trolling spoons, and steelhead spinners. Not saying is definitely going to happen, but I personally would like to do it. Most definitely could make inline spinners, spinnerbaits, topwater plugs and a few others. With some help from a buddy of mine possibly jerkbaits and plugs. If there is any input you guys would have in this part of the tackle industry I'd love to hear what you have to say, and if there are needs in certain aspects in the musky and pike department. Bob
  6. Am i superstitious? Does the musky not strike when acdc is cranking? Night train, 10pm-2am. My first real night mission for the apex predator. Fished up until 1245 with a rockbass to show for the efforts. My buddy Andy is in the boat hammered. Saying I'm cold, basically ready to leave. I asked him for the time, he said 1245am. I said hang tight, megaladon is here, and he only eats rotisserie gold chickens at 1am. Few minutes later Pandora plays HELLS BELLS...... I said it's on! Hells bells ends, no fish. 1257AM I cast the large chicken, blade is rolling good over a shallow flat, then booooooooooom, dinner is served! While battling the beast victim #1 starts playing. Now my buddy is completely speechless, knowing I tell him muskies love acdc, and they eat at 1am, and acdc comes on before, and while battling the fish a few moments before 1am. Somehow under pitch blackness we found the fishes way into the net. Everything got soaked! Washing machine was in full effect. Felt like it was raining in the boat before the fish hit the net. really big headed, hefty 46" fish. After reviving, and releasing the fish, I got the giant foot long chicken back out of the net, it's so bent it's unusable, and i looked again, fish snapped the blade off the bait. Pic sucked. Phone got soaked when the boatside downpour started. What i learned: Nightmares are real, and do happen while awake. Acdc is the preferred music of apex predators. Chickens are great baits!
  7. This is one I've been trying! My buddy turned me a 13" zara spook body on his lathe. Looks like a drunk otter swimming across the water. It's as big as a kingfisher ll
  8. Lol blasted 2 more today! I've had this crazy looking spin n glow looking surface bait for 10yrs. I've ran it 40 times probably in the last yr. I already netted a mid 40's fish on the pumpkin spinner again. So decided to really put that massive corky to the test. Lmao looks like a small boat putting across the water leaving a huge bubble line and big wake. Wake stopped, and pow! I honestly was laughing so hard I almost dropped my rod into the water! I stopped fishing after that, as if they'd eat a lure like that they'd eat anything at that point and sorta lost the challenge in it!
  9. yeah sea cows, and calfs. Tackle.industries sells me blanks for painting. No time for chiseling and widdling wood. Only issue I run into is the cows, the weight transfer system breaks free and ruins them. So they take a lot of prep time just securing the weight so it doesn't become loose. Only on the cows though. Calfs won't do it.
  10. This was the first batch of cattle I made this spring. 1st time painting a strange style lure. Bottomed is a sucker, 2 above perch. Both have been chewed to pieces. Next one up a copper carp tone. Looks spooky as hell in the water, I'm too scared to use it. 2 above that are a walleye tone, and another brighter pearl perch. Flash perch Clear water perch Fire perch This one is sweet. Great in clear water. Only 1 take, and one follow on it. Hybrid bait. Can represent suckers, smallmouth, Chubs, shiners, small buffalo, walleye. First time running it on the susky got a 5+lb smallie to devour it. Pics aren't as good on this phone anymore. She's getting old, time for a new one
  11. Last yr being my 1st yr targeting the tooth Fairy, having lots of follows on spinners, hooking 9 total and landing 4 all year, biggest being 46". I worked my tail off for those few fish. Blue eye sent me some big musky lures last yr to paint, and was nice enough to invite me up to Waneta to fish a few hrs in the evening. I watched him hook 2 and boat 1 onone of the lures I painted him which was awesome. That day also lit a fire under my azz. All I wanted to do since was fish these things even harder. This year, after upgrading my gear, and custom painting a few dozen gliders I was ready! Boated 14 fish this year, hooked and lost at least 15 if not more. But Monday was the day! I had found this leviathans lair. 4 days prior it ate a custom perch glider, beat the Crap outta me. Leaped like NOTHING I've seen before and threw the lure straight back at me. Monday morning knowing the water was clear like tap water, and knowing he wouldn't touch a glider again as long as he lived, and seeing there was a NW wind which would create the perfect chop right on top of his house of pain, I custom brewed a spinner. Painted a size 9 Indiana blade front and back transparent green pumpkin, used a giant wad of green pumpkin magic bass skirt tabs rather than bucktail or flash, the put a giant corkscrew I made from spinner wire on the split ring which I put a zoom super fluke watermelon red flake paddle tail for extra wiggle. That spinner went with that water color like butter and toast. I knew he was going to eat it! 15 minutes after launching I bombed it over the house of certain death. Slowly rolling it across the bottom, and it got ugly FAST! I've never set the hook so hard in my life. Having a 5/0 4x permasteel hook I knew he had met his match! I coulda read a book while fighting him I knew that's how well it was hooked. Even took some video while it was kicking my azz! My 1st legit 50" fish. I never actually taped it. But intentionally cut a tape measure off at 50" and have it on the side of the boat, and being alone as always, and not wanting to hurt my new found friend. When I set my phone up for the picture, and the way it came out was fitting. Grim reaper, holding the grim reaper!
  12. There are 2 versions, regular which is pictured, and radiation which has a glow face, and scale tape.
  13. I will clarify that is 100% a finger lakes tackle AK-47. Glow eye fell off. You never forget anything you make, not even one of them! It's silver, uv coating is why it appears to have that purple tint. Bob
  14. For those wanting to go slower than 2, use the lighter blanks. I don't troll so I can't "prove" that. But my "good" guys report back with all the info on speeds. Laughter blanks can get down to roughly 1.4-1.5. I went out with rabbit last summer, I believe he turned the boat off all let the spoons sit like lice bait and they took fish....
  15. Testing out new spoons, and clobbered them? I thought fish only ate "prooven" spoons?
  16. Have a limited stock of paddles Will not be on the website for purchase. Can be bought on here through PM, email [email protected] on facebook, or by phone. Prices vary by paddle. These are all 12", all prices between $15-$18. Please use the item number for ordering, not color. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  17. Use an ultraviolet flashlight er charging spoons. Other than the sun it is the best way to get maximum life out of a charge.
  18. Hi-viz spoons are now available online! Took what seemed forever, but they're up. Some have no pics yet, they'll be updated as the day progresses.
  19. Lol been trying to get em up for the passed 2 weeks. Seems like everyday I say in 2 days, then I get busy on everything else. 100 things to do, and 2 hands really sucks. As soon as they're available for purchase online I'll post it here, and on FB
  20. Super skank is going to Hi-viz only.
  21. Here's a good report.... Seen lots if fish hooked in the stomach, lots of Blount force trauma snagging opening day.
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