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    Sold / Closed 2003 Cstar170

    Sent you a PM.
  2. jusgrinnin

    Sold / Closed 2003 Cstar170

    no hour meter not high hours since I've owned it (7years).
  3. jusgrinnin

    Sold / Closed 2003 Cstar170

    Enteraining offers.
  4. I've got a fully rigged boat on here for sale and can throw in some spoons and such.
  5. I would be interested in the rod holders if you will separate.
  6. jusgrinnin

    Sold / Closed 2003 Cstar170

    2003 Starcraft CStar 170 (17' with ‘04 Merc 115 Optimax and trailer. 4 Big Jon downriggers with swivel bases. 1 Willy Dual Ski Planer Board Mast. 3 Big Jon Otter boats. Full standup Enclosure including aftdrop and bow cover. Elite 5 FF/GPS with Nav Card. $10,500. PM for more info.
  7. KING ME!!!! Steve and Richie will put you on fish and keep you in stitches all day.
  8. Go west Mexico was dead last Sat thru Wed.
  9. We have improved the snack box X10
  10. We might just have to do that soon!!!
  11. You guys had a 1st class act before the upgrade can't wait to see what this does BARRY
  12. Biggest thing look around and see what others are getting for similar items, post good pictures (cause they all want pic's) then figure what you have to get out of them and price accordingly.
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