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  1. I've got a bunch of NK 28s that need hooks replaced what size should I order 1/0 or 2/0 trebles? Thanks BARRY
  2. Looking forward to this trip 300miles with a stop over at El rancho Finsntins , road trip!!!
  3. Hope there's a prize for the farthest commute, cause coming from NH I should win
  4. Steve do you have first hand knowledge of that??? BARRY
  5. some times trolling live bait up here in the frozen tundra of NH .8 mph is real productive but can be very boooooring too!
  6. Click start a new post and it will pop right up . (right below title)
  7. The 5 most terrifying words to a man "Honey we need to talk"
  8. Should be able to find something better than that.
  9. Thanks buddy,I hope we don't have to find a place for a flat screen on that boat
  10. Why do we have the right to remain silent, but not the ability ( Ron White )
  11. When I first got the boat I just had to find out just how fast.... 53mph with just me and PFD, it also will troll down to 1.4 it has a troll-o-matic plate. Like everyone else I wish it was longer
  12. Starcraft C-star 170 a lot of fun has been had by the Mrs. and me.
  13. Who's the good looking guy in the 1st pic
  14. That's a heat wave -30 here in NH this AM.
  15. Pap, just for fun don't want it to be a job or hassle ie this spoon caught X number of fish and now it has scratches on it kinda thing.
  16. Here's some more,just bought a new airbrush a month or so ago still getting used to it.
  17. Chasing rabbits (hare actually) with very good friends, also painting lures for trolling time.
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