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  1. Bummer same thing happened to me today only I got three off but same result
  2. You otta get a free deer tag for every one, and come to NH and work on our population!!! BARRY
  3. Glad you got into some fish we keep on sayin any day now maybe there starting!!!!
  4. May want to try a green dot spin dr and blue fly they can catch fish!!!
  5. Steve,we just came back last Monday $4 and up in the marina and $3.70 something on dry land. we'll make one more trip 17th-20th of this month thats it for me I done. BARRY
  6. WTG finally all your time and effort pay off, looks like it might be time for a road trip BARRY
  7. NH aprx 300 miles 6 1/2 hrs
  8. Just got back with computer access no flea's
  9. Started at T-falls trolled north 3 riggers from 20-30 two leadcore 4&5 colors all took fish gold back watermelon & silver back white with blue dots were the killers end up over 20 fish one LL a solid 5lbs was the best fish the rest were very spunky 14"-16" couple lakers in the mix. BARRY
  10. Headed that way tomorrow from NH fish Sun and Mon. BARRY
  11. Check out Fingerlakes tackle BARRY
  12. This was taken here in NH a couple years ago, ya gotta give the little guy credit he was willing
  13. So an update is in order, I received in the mail yesterday a Bigjon adjustable rod holder used but in nice shape. I made the deal for Tite loks as that's what I have on my boat it only took 4 months to get something I can't use, but I'll give Brain credit for trying. Case closed, if you need a Bigjon adjustable let me know. BARRY
  14. I don't like to post negative stuff but this needs to be. On March 4th I made a deal with Salmon Slapper to buy 5 tite-lok adjustable rod holders I paid via PP the same day and to date have received only 4, one needed a base 2 needed adj screws. Repeated attempts to get the other rod holder from SS have been met with excuse after excuse the latest is "I put the wrong zip on". We agreed on $25 each + shipping I even asked just send me the $25 we'll call it even. So I guess he needs the 25 worse than me. Any way you've been warned. Don't do business with SALMON SLAPPER!!!
  15. seems odd that nothing has been found. I hope the family find closure soon.
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