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  1. I was told that the bite in the trench went bad because the lake flipped and the water temp got all screwed up it should be going back to place since last week?
  2. 2 Weekends ago had a nice king on and we were using 20 pd power pro and it snap the line after about a 5 minute fight. Is that to light or should I go to 30 pd or if wire is better what size does anyone recommend?
  3. No we replace the battery every trip And the unit is only 2 season's old!! We even put on new cable this yr. Would a nick in the plastic cable screw it up?? We seen one about 60 ft we cut it off and re did the wire to the ball?? Still dont registar right it works then after a hr. or 2 It goes goofy???
  4. Does any one know why after 10 or minutes the troll speed gauge drops to zero then stops then goes back up to speed but doesn't stay a slow speed and won't read over 2mph when it goes up 7 mph
  5. Going to make one right now sounds good???
  6. Heading up for weekend is it worth fishing the trench yet or are the shipping lanes doing good???
  7. Just checking to see if anyone is catching any kings yet in the trench was out on sat did great on Lakers 1 shy of 3 person limit!!!
  8. I learn something over the yrs when fishing at the oak when going for breakfeast in the morning when all the charter capt are there at the diner they always ask how you did and if you would say alright or so so they would give you a tip or put you on fish from the day before or tell you to what lure or setup is working best for them but when fishing the east end of the lake forget it you'll get no help at all nothing it seems there is a whole different attitude or two different world's from the east end to the west end!!!!
  9. Tire slashing sound like a crock of _ _ _ _ to me they screwed up royaly and now are trying to make up some lame story to cover ther butts!!!!
  10. The last I checked us out of staters 70.00 license is what a majoritiy of how state of ny manages it's fisheries and can afford to run the hatcheries that produce the fish that are in your rivers and the last I checked a big percentage of out of states is what flips the bill for the up state fishery ansd the big lake!!!! So don't make a stink of use people from out of state because if it wasn't for us the town of Pulaski and residing area would servive????
  11. Same here I voted for the other guy too!!!!1
  12. I usally use bombers or fast tracks They are all good
  13. Just checking if anything is going on in Sackets harbor yet????
  14. Did u have a yellow fruit on your boat fri and mon maybe that's why u didn't get any bites!!!
  15. That flea flicker line is junk after u use it and let it set for a day or two it seems like the line dry's out and breaks easy that's just my opion!!!
  16. Going up to the oak this weekend with my son and his friend and father any good spots east or west or out front just need a good area to work to get us going !!!!! Then will work it from there!!If anyone is up I'll be on a 24FT stripper all white just give a holler on the radio my name is Jeff!!
  17. Going to the oak this weekend !!!! Anybody have suggestion where to go and what depth I should really work on !!!!
  18. Just wonder how u got one in 9 fow if u were 10 down werent u hitting the bottom
  19. Thanks Guys I went with The Sub Troll I have it by thurs.
  20. Anyone have a suggestion on a unit to buy for temp and lure speed!!! Was looking at the subtroll on the Cabelas web site it sounds like a good unit but want to make sure any recamendations??? Thanks guys for the help I ended up getting a Sub Troll!!!
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