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  1. one last question...... how far you guys run you cowbell behind ball....... based on what I've read 10 feet is common with two feet to spin and glow from cowbell.........
  2. 100 feet of water out from nuclear plant in Mexico....... any colours that you find work best?
  3. Hey Bottom feeder..... heading up next weekend......what depth are you at in 100 fow for the lakers....... and what is your setup...... had no luck last season.......
  4. Whitiker's fly and tackle hotel.....Cheap and easy.
  5. See you out there.....We're rolling in as early as we can tomorrow form Ottawa, Canada. We'll try not to catch them all Friday! 17 deep v lund pike.
  6. Heading to Mexico pt this weekend to try for some browns......Last time I went the fishing was tough. What are you using to take the lake trout in the deeper water......Would love to try that as well but not sure what to rig up for that on Lake Ontario......Coming from the Canadian side. Thanks
  7. Came from Ottawa, Canada to fish today..... Gorgeous morning with 2 quick fish...... Then 2 hits and misses for the rest of the day.....our biggest catch was the boat that broke down when the waves and wind came up..... Glad we were able to tow him back. Hope the bottom of his boat didn't take too much damage. Thanks Fish On for the info..... Great day. Tough fishing but where better to spend my 45th birthday!
  8. Thank you for that info....not the conditions I want!
  9. Thanks Kevin, I'll err on the side of caution f it looks rough. Fishing in Algonquin starts soon and I'm getting very impatient with this weather.
  10. Being new to this I wanted to ask the question....what exactly is the spring season for brown trout? Can some of you give me your experience in terms of when you try to get out versus when the fishing typically shuts down. Have Friday off and have to pick up some things in Ogdensburg so I am going to take the boat along and check out Mexico for the first time......Doesn't look too promising and I won't take any chances but I figure I'll give it a shot. Anyone want to go fishing? lol. If you see a 17 foot deep v Pike with twin downriggers.....that's me
  11. Thanks....I will wait until next weekend unless there is a dramatic change in the forecast. Getting antsy! But better safe than sorry!
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