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  1. I just purchased the same thing but haven't installed it yet on a Starcraft Fishmaster 196. How did you like it?
  2. Tks Les, I think they mentioned their trailer storage facility is at the north end, it could be that one. Maybe launch at the state and then utilize Trident's storage facility for the $25, seems fair.
  3. We rented a place on the west side of Honeoye in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the house has limited parking and no place to store our boat trailer for the week. Was going to utilize the state launch but there's no overnight parking. Trident stated for $25 I could park it at there storage facility which seems like what I'll do. Anyone have any concerns or other options besides what I came up with? Thanks in advance!
  4. Try and find a Starcraft fishmaster 190. Tough to bass fish from but it's a good finger lakes and lake Erie boat! Have only taken 1 wave over the back while trolling in 9yrs. Wide sides for mounting whatever you could imagine. The stx is similar but has platform back I think. If you muskie fish and like to cast or figure 8 it's kinda tough but great for trolling and jigging perch. Single axle is easy to trailer. I've had 2. Just my opinion.
  5. Launched there a few weeks ago, quick in and out cause nobody was there. Drove the boat and trailer to the vacation rental we stayed the week at. Tks Geneva, didn't leave ya my $$$. P.S. anyone launching should wear boots to walk through all the crap on the dock [emoji90] Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Well, maybe next year. I pulled the boat this morning as it was taking a beating on the dock w the NW wind. Heading home tomorrow, maybe we can get on the eyes one more time on Erie. Looked like that net boat, maybe dec was out down here just about everyday this week. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Forgot to add, had a nice lamprey stuck to my rigger ball as I pulled up to check it. Tried to get my phone and take a pic but came off as it got out of the water. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Yea confirmed, they have been all over the north end of Seneca this week Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Well, took to Seneca (North end) on vacation this week. Went out this morning started at 630 in about 75fow around belhurst marked all kinds of fish mid-range and on bottom. Set up heading south and as the deeper we got, screen went blank. Turned around on the west side looking but couldn't find em. Ran over to high banks area set up heading north in and out but nada. Ran back over to belhurst in about 40fow and noticed a ton of small fish, thought maybe perch but couldn't catch one. Moved in shallower and hooked up w a pike and a few Rockies. The chopped up floating weeds in the north end sucked! All over the place, fleas not bad. First time on Seneca so didn't expect to crush em but damn, couldn't even find em. Took the kids to Geneva state park yesterday, black sludge washing up on beach smelling like .....[emoji90] yea, good times. First day we got here neighbor said pull the boat and fish Cayuga, Dean's cove! Should of listened maybe, now weather looks crappy next few, oh well. Odd tho, waves were going s-n but current maybe n-s? Riggers were really pulling. Don't see many boats fishing here, mainly pleasure boaters. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Everything run behind a flasher or cowbells or can you fish spoons directly behind a dipsy or ball? Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Dunkirk my man is on fire, lots of nice eater sized eyes too. Straight out, can't miss the fish or fisherman.....it's no secret. Use to rent a place on Honeoye this time of the year, would manage a few walleyes in the deeper parts of the lake slow trolling with slow death rigs but it wasn't easy. Fishing has just been so hot on Erie lately if you're able to get out there.
  12. Lure Selection - Seneca Heading to Seneca in 2 weeks, north end between Geneva and Hi Banks. If you had a few days to fish and had to bring / buy a handful of lures, what would you guys recommend? Any certain brand or size of spoons? Probably make a run to Cabela's (Buffalo) and get a few things beforehand. Am capable of running 2 downriggers and 4 dipsys at a time. Have a few flasher fly setups and some cowbells that I've used on Keuka. Nice post Sk8man on the Silvers! thread, I'll probably follow your advice on where to start looking. Don't have a temp prob so will have to let the fish and bait show me how deep to run lures. Have gotten great advice on this site in years past so thanks for any recommendations ahead of time!
  13. This just happen? Heading there on vacation in 2 weeks and rented a place not far... figures Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Could you post a link to that write up, wouldn't mind checking it out. I'm not super familiar with how they work either and have them on my trailer. Tks
  15. Purchased a Fishmaster 196 a few years ago. Dealer also stated they don't see a lot of used ones coming in. Guys tend to hang on to them for awhile. For what its worth .... Sent from my XT907 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Ran down to the bluff again this morning for the last time before we head back to Buffalo. Landed 4 out of 5, used a white and green tadpole plastic with a 1oz jig head. As it got later towards 9/930, I could feel them pulling at the tail of the bait, and it was only 3.5". Seemed like the bite was tailing off so we ran back closer to the state park, didn't mark as many fish and it was alot rougher with the wind, letting out 3 miles of line to get down 150'. So, all in all it was a good week, followed your advice from the LOU forums and was able to hook up. I did see those deck boats also, they keep one in the creek across from the Brachport firehall, it was out the morning. Looked like it was set up for shocking but, we didn't get close enough. Thanks again, see you next year ..... hopefully.
  17. Ran down to the bluff this morning amongst a few other boats. Started a drift in over 140fow in to about 75fow. First drop down brought up a 22" laker on a 5" white Gulp fluke. Continued to use the fluke's, landed a total of 3, all reeled up slow and handled with care, successfully released. Had many more hits but couldn't get solid hook ups or they were grabbing the tails. Was using a standard 1oz ball jighead. If I come back next year, I'll do more preplanning and setup with the trolling sinkers and trebles inside the tube or a wider gap hook with the Gulp. Lots of fish on the lowrance. Tried to keep the lines under the boat to watch it on the ff but the wind was just too much even with the drift sock. Everyone was right, those lakers come right up for your bait. Fun watching them on the ff, kinda like ice fishing perch.
  18. Trolled the state park area early morning 9/11/12. Started marking fish all over the water column so we set 4 lines down, 2 dipsys, 2 downriggers. Right away 5 minutes in, dipsy set 50' down went , spin doctor with an Atomix fly. Shortly after downrigger set 100' down (lots of blowback) with cowbells and a popcorn type bait took one. Then finished off again with another on the dipsy 50' down. We released 2, kept 1 which was 19", the others were smaller. All fish were caught trolling south to north inbetween the two houses south of the state park (you know the two large ones with all the white trim and decking). Haven't gotten out as much as I'd like, 8mo old crawling around has kept me busy. Hopefully we can get down to the Bluff.
  19. Well, we are finally here at Keuka for the week, Branchport end. Got settled in 9/8 with some iffy weather and didn't fish. 9/9 we caught a few largemouth and then tried jigging for lakers. Cruised around with the fishfinder hoping to find bait and fish but was unable to. Marked different fish suspended all over the water column in the area of the state park. Jigged 2 up in an hour but both got off before we could see any color. Using 5" white plastics. Gona keep at it until Sat, looks like the temps will get back to what they were. Thanks for all the info guys. Semper Fi
  20. Heading to Gander Mountain this week, guess I'll save the money on all the trolling stuff and invest in some of these jigging options. Sounds like fun, my Dad hates trolling (even tho I love it) so I know he'll be more interested in jigging. Will be there Sept 8th - 15th. Thanks again.
  21. Most of you guys are probably running wire to get deeper I assume. I'm hoping magnum dipsys and braid will do the trick along with manual downriggers. I hope there's 150' of cable on there like it says ...... Thanks again guys for all the info. I'll post mid september with results. Nick
  22. Thanks alot guys, I'll check out the links you've posted here. It sounds like exactly what I was looking for, THANK YOU. Nick
  23. Heading to Keuka (Branchport Area) after labor day for a week of vacation with my dad. Trolled our butts off 2 years ago there and only caught smallmouths. This year I'm returning with downriggers and trying to get deeper for some trout. I managed to catch a few off Dunkirk on Lake Erie using flashers, spoons, cowbell type setups. This the best way to target them here also? Some friends that used to go to college out there said to jig with sawbellies? I'm not looking for your waypoints but just some tips on how to catch these guys. He's dying to catch one of these fish and toss it on the smoker. Thank You. Nick
  24. Spent the week at a rental, which was like a palace last week at the Branchport end. Fished the heavy weedline there and topwater took most largemouths however chart. spinnerbaits around docks worked well too. An occassional pickeral and northern were thrown into the mix as well. Tried my luck trolling for some lakers near bluff point and another area across from the Keuka State launch but couldn't manage to get one. Used big dipsys with flies and spoons. Did land a huge smallmouth from bluff point on a spoon off a dipsy which looked like it came from Lake Erie. First time fishing there, beautiful place.
  25. thanks for all your help, heading out there tomorrow morning. will let you know how i do.
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