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  1. Gee I thought the reason fewer salmon were stocked was the lack of baitfish? Hmm Looks like our wonderful governor Como cares as much about us fishermen as he does the elderly in nursing homes...SMH
  2. Thinking about spring Salmon fishing in general and maybe this years pro am. Also considering the South towns Walleye tournament. I lost my fishing buddy a while back and am looking for a few seasoned, knowledgeable guys that know their way around a boat to fish with and learn from also as I haven't been out in a couple of years. I have a 21' ft. Crestliner Eagle W/A and while it's not the nicest boat out there, it gets the job done and it literally sips gas so it's not too expensive to run. I'm down to earth, a republican and pretty laid back, not too intense and like the same type of people. I like to chase the salmon around mainly out of Olcott and Wilson in the spring and fish for both salmon and walleye after that. I'm planning to go out in the next couple of days for a shake down trip out of Olcott. So if your interested and don't mind helping out with the cost of things from time to time, I would like to hear from you. Non cigarette smokers preferred, but not out of the question. Biden voters no way ever though! Thanks for your time.
  3. Thinking about this years South towns Walleye tournament and spring Salmon fishing. I lost my fishing buddy a while back and am looking for a few seasoned, knowledgeable guys that know their way around a boat to fish with and learn from as I haven't been out in a couple of years for walleye. I have a 21' ft. Crestliner Eagle W/A and while it's not the nicest boat out there, it gets the job done and it literally sips gas so it's not too expensive to run. I'm down to earth and pretty laid back, not too intense and like the same type of people. I also like to chase the salmon around out of Olcott and Wilson. I'm planning to go in the next couple of days for a shake down trip out of Olcott. So if your interested and don't mind helping out with the cost of things, I would like to hear from you. Non cigarette smokers preferred, but not out of the question. Thanks for your time.
  4. We got a bit of a late start and headed out of the shute at 7 am and sat down in 60 ft. of water and started setting things up. Not much at all on the graph as we headed out on a north westerly troll into around 280-320 fow with an occasional mark here and there. We picked up 2 very small kings that we put back to grow, but still no bait to be seen. Once past the small flock of boats we decided to head back in to somewhat shallower water just to see if we could mark anything. Ran into about 90 ft of water and the bait started showing up more than we seen all morning and just then the port side dipsey started to scream and we picked up our first nice king of the day about 17 lbs. on a habanero spoon 175 back on a 3 setting. Got that one in the box and shortly the starboard rigger popped and was ripping line very nicely although that one was not to be, after a short fight it was just gone!! grrr!! Did nothing wrong that I know of just got off. another 2 hrs. went buy and finally the port side dipsey with a flasher fly combo went off and the fight was back on. This guy wasn't so lucky and after a really nice fight we boated him too. Frog spin dr. with a pro-am fly 220 back on a number 1 setting. Marked several more bait pods the rest of the afternoon but it was somewhat of a grind with only one more good release that was gone as soon as it hit and my partner was the one that dropped that fish so I felt better about the first one. Over all it was a beautiful day, overcast with a light breeze and calm waters. The bite could have been better but we had a great time with 2 nice kings in the box to show for our efforts. So I've had better days and much worse days on the lake and can't wait to get back out there again.
  5. Just when you thought the fishing couldn't get any better it does! We headed out of the chute at Olcott around 6 am and headed north west and sat down in 75 ft. of water on a north troll and proceeded to put out our gear. Spoons seemed to be the ticket last week so I continued with that thought process and brought along some meat this time as well as I was told it was producing some very nice kings in good quantities. I was about half way thru putting out the gear and the port side downrigger with a ladder back habanero fired off and the fight was on. We boated that one and continued to set out our gear. Quite frankly I never had a chance to put out the meat I brought along as it seemed like every time I was about to finish setting my spread another rod would fire off providing us with yet another King. We had what I describe as just an incredible morning of fishing with fish being caught on both dipseys with various spoons, mostly frostbites, a silver rainbow spoon, orange crush, and green/black/silver ladder backs with the dipseys being the top producers this day. We had one gentleman with a bad case of the dropsies too who lost a total of 5 before getting then to the boat so he was the focus of the abuse for the day. It didn't matter though as the bite was strong and continuous the entire time we were out there. We ended up keeping 8 nice kings for the morning and headed back in exhausted and very happy.
  6. Ya it's not exactly a bay rat lure lol but it did catch a couple of coho's
  7. First shake down cruise of the year for Sunday May 6th. I'm not sure when if ever, I had a more trouble free start to the season with some nice fish caught in the process. We launched out of Olcott "on time" around 5:45 in the morning with no issues at all, motor started right up and the plug was in so that in itself was a blessing. We proceeded out of the chute and sat down in about 75 ft. of water and fired up the trolling motor which also started right up and purred like a kitten wow. I knew it was going to be a stellar day when I put out the first line and reached for the clip to send it down on the rigger and wham!! A Steelie just about ripped the pole out of my hands and it was fish on!! Dropped the clip and handed the pole to my buddy who was in disbelief also and with a little effort, it was in the boat. That was caught on a habanero spoon with a green/silver pro-troll flasher. We gave that one back to lady O. I then proceeded to put the gear back out and by the time I had everything in, the port side rod off the planner board went off producing our first nice coho. That was caught jointed yellow tiger stick-bait my partner brought that I thought he was wasting his time with lol. The water was pretty much flat most of the morning with the winds out of the south at around 5-10 mph at most. After our 3rd fish "another coho", the bite dropped of a little so we headed out to between 100-120 FOW and stayed at that depth as it produced the bulk of our fish. We ran into quite a bit of debris at 100 FOW and that also seemed to be where most of the fish were. Our 4th and 5th were also coho's one caught on a rigger 60ft down where we marked the bulk of our fish on a orange crush spoon and another on the wire diver with a red spoon, not sure of the name. After that we headed west and picked up a nice spring king when the starboard side rigger popped about 40ft down with a frostbite spoon no flasher. Fishing after that came a little slower for us until the port side dipsy with a NBK spoon gave us our nicest king of the day that also gave us the best fight. The last fish of the day " a very large Steelie" was actually caught on a flasher/fly combo green frog with a pro-am fly I put in for the heck of it as I thought is was a bit early for flies. All in all we ended up boating 10 total, 2 Steelies, 1 Laker, 2 Kings and 5 cohos. The wind shifted out of the north and the waves really started kicking up around 11:am so we headed back in with all smiles on our faces! The fish hit just about everything we put out with spoons being the best producer. I stopped at ABS Tackle on the way home to buy more stuff I just couldn't live without and the owner said they were out also that morning also and boated 16 total with meat being their best bait out, go figure, I didn't even run meat. Hope this report helps some, the fish are definitely out there to be had for those chomping at the bit to go. Tight lines all.....
  8. WTB Otter Boards Lookin for a set of Otter Boards, dual keel preferred in decent shape.
  9. Getting to be that time of year again, I wonder if I threw this lure back in the water, how many more fish it would catch...getting cabin fever bad....
  10. Hey Fellow anglers, I was going crazy keeping all my salmon rigging knots straight for every type of connection and different line selection their is know to man! I did a little homework and made a quick ref guide of some of the most commonly used knots and would like to share it for anyone who might be interested. Just cut & paste the links into your url "search bar" to find the knot that suits your needs. This is by no means all of the choices there are and feel free to post your favorite knot also, we're all still learning..... Tight Lines........ 1. Arbor Knot: Main line to spool: http://www.animatedknots.com/arbor/#ScrollPoint 2. Double Albright Knot: Braided line to mono or fluorocarbon "Tiny" 3. Blood Knot: Line to Line connections http://www.animatedknots.com/bloodknot/#ScrollPoint 4. Polamar Knot: Mono or fluorocarbon leader line to swivels: http://www.animatedknots.com/palomar/index.php?Categ=fishing&LogoImage=LogoGrog.png&Website=www.animatedknots.com 5. Trilene Knot: Mono or fluorocarbon leader line to swivels: http://www.animatedknots.com/trilene/#ScrollPoint 6. UNI Knot: Great all around knot for multiple applications https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myMSMYy_iYU#t=248.8470119 7. Braided Line Terminal Knot: Best Knot? cross between a trileene & a Uni http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kastking+superpower+braid+fishing+line&&view=detail&mid=6BB11BAF70DA1CA5AD7E6BB11BAF70DA1CA5AD7E&rvsmid=6038DD34998D370E46D86038DD34998D370E46D8&fsscr=0&FORM=VDMCNR 8. Tournament Fly Rig: How to tie a snelled hook tournament fly set up. 9. Haywire Twist: For copper or single strand steel 10. WILLIS Knot: Lead core to leader:
  11. Unfortunately your missing the whole point and that Is "consideration for others" . Not about how much room there is and who has what and how much to sell. Yes there is space for "Everyone" here to post their items, but when inconsiderate spammers take over one sinker at a time , it clogs the forum with BS So it's not about bickering or drama. Next time try reading the post and understand the point being made before you misinterpret it and add your own drama that the rest of us don't need. Thanks for your consideration of others as well....really.
  12. If you offer to buy them on the 16th of may, 2 weeks from the original post, that's not necessarily sold and it's not just for my sake. That guy posts like that all the time and has been asked by others nicely not to do it. It takes away from everyone who is trying to post to the classifieds. I will admit it did tick me off some and I should probably hold my tongue but I get tired of sifting thru his stuff to see what everyone else has to sell. Hell he's not even a pro member. End of rant....
  13. Time to kill this thread. Peace love and happiness. Calm seas and tight lines.........
  14. I have a pair of cannon Mag 10s with dual rod holders and the taller bases that pivot for sale in good working condition. Extendable booms, auto stop. wiring harness and mounting hardware included. Will not ship but could meet near Wilson or the Oak. Iv'e Upgraded to new Scotties. 450.00 The probe in the picture is not included. Thank you and tight lines.
  15. "My biggest worry is that my wife (when I'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it."

  16. We set out about 6:00 am yesterday out of the dock and I had many things going thru my mind at the time, you know the usual stuff on the first trip. Did I remember everything? Tackle, gas, battery's charged, plug in the boat, license, life jackets, coffee, etc. etc. The biggest thing I noticed was the smell of the water I missed so much. There is a completely difference atmosphere when your in your boat on the water like none else and was so glad just to be there once again to take it all in. Once we were out of the shoot and in about 60 ft. of water I turned around and my partner already had everything set up and was ready to put the rods in the water. I was shocked! We started with a mix spread being early spring some top lines on planers and a few things a bit lower cause you just never know. We didn't even get our third pole in the water and my port side rod on the rigger popped and started shaking. I didn't even have time to fart and my rod hog partner had the fish in play while he was ordering me to pull in the other rods like he had a wicked tuna on or something. Did I mention I was the captain? Anyways it wasn't long and we saw a nice chrome dancing in the air about 100 ft. in back of the boat and it was just going nuts catching air at least 4 times before we got him in. NBK Now that was a great start. We were able to get the rest of our gear in without any trouble and immediately after that, to my surprise the port side rod on the board took off and once again the rod hog had him in play until I pulled rank and took over the situation he he. I told him to just steer the boat. After an nice fight I landed the first brown of the season, what a football he was. We then headed West and shot in and out of the shore line keeping a watchful eye on our depths so we didn't drag our other gear off the boards. After about 15 minutes passed as I was drinking my first cup of coffee from the thermos, the rigger rod popped once again and just started screaming and peeling off line.. no way! It almost spooled me and finally I was able to make some headway on this fish but it was give and take for sure and I still knew it couldn't be a king this early and this big but what ever it was I didn't want to lose it just for proof as no one would believe me otherwise. I fought this monster for what like seemed forever when I finally caught a glimpse of him "a KING" and holy cow what a slob of a fish this was. At this point I did the unthinkable and tried to horse him in closer so Ed could get the net on him and then snap!! ARRRG!!! I pulled the rod so hard my hands flew over my head striking my partner right in the head with the butt of the rod and in turn he went nuts and started beating me in the back of the head repeatedly at which point I fell out of bed on the floor, you see guys the only thing real about this story was the partner beating me in the head was my wife for smacking her in the head during a sound sleep while I was fishing....This winter has been waaaay too long...
  17. Draggin The Line

    Sold / Closed 1995 Crestliner

    No longer for Sale.........
  18. I work near this boat for sale and I stopped by and talked with the gentleman "Harry" and looked over the boat. It's a 1988 and in very nice shape for the year and well maintained. No issues that I noticed at all for what it's worth. I'm in the market for something newer but this willl make someone a very nice fishing rig.
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