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  1. Enjoy it Pete, I'll keep more on the boat.
  2. Try running a wire right from the battery, just for the unit. When you start the engine it takes the power away from anything wired at the helm. Thats how I fixed the problem anyway.
  3. Happy Birthday Frank, Hope you have a great day. :beer: :beer: :beer:
  4. Happy Birthday Jim, :beer: :beer: :beer: . It won't be long now and the "Red Dock Saloon" will be open!
  5. Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 is a great year for everyone.
  6. Awesome Gray! Brings back a lot of memories. Your pup looks great, she grew into a nice looking dog.
  7. Happy birthday Pete , have a few on me :beer: :beer: :beer: .
  8. Happy birthday Gray, hope you have a great day.
  9. Yes it will be open, but the launch shuts down between 4:30 pm and 10:00 pm Saturday for the fireworks.
  10. A special thanks goes out to Jim (Double J) for getting me back to the dock so fast and Al and Mary (Hook-n-Up) the Red Dock Medical Center for getting those damn hooks outa my fingers (damn fish). Can't thank you guys enough! The next 30 pack is on me.
  11. I talked to Tom Phantom this morning, he said we can bring our boats in the 17th. For an additional fee of course.
  12. The main part of red dock is in.
  13. They have docks on the ramps, but they left enough room to launch. I'm fishing with NJ Double J Saturday and we are launching there.
  14. The DPW has started to put the docks in :yes: it won't be long now.
  15. Amen Vince, Happy Easter everyone.
  16. Good news Skarky , get your beer drinking gloves ready i'm bring her up at the end of march. Cool dude, my gloves are ready. My driveway is clear and ready if you need it, same goes for you too Frank. The first 30 pack is on me.
  17. She'll fit Jim, but do it before a few Sam A's.
  18. Wrights isn't open but you can still use whatever ramp is accesable. People have been using the ramp when accesable all winter.
  19. In Oswego its a little tight to get around (the docks are on most of the ramps), but the ramp is free of ice. At least for today.
  20. On my old Baha I plugged some holes by drilling the hole out to good wood then using some marine epoxy and a wooden dowel just smaller than the drilled hole. Sand the epoxy after it set and paint As aiways, having a beer or two makes the job go smoother.
  21. Just saw a weather report of a major coastal storm up to a foot of snow. BIG DEAL!!!! Monday between sun up and sun down I got over 3 feet. Its winter, it snows in winter. A foot of snow doesn't even rate a yawn.
  22. Hi ya Frank. You are going to put some tackle shops out of business.
  23. Hey Al, try Tarpon Boat Trailers. See you on red dock soon, and we'll have a few
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