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  1. A big red dock "Happy Birthday" Mark. Hope you have a great day and never have to say it "Got Away".
  2. Happy birthday Gray, I've got a cold one waiting for you.
  3. Great job guys! Hey Buddy is ready to put the smackdown on some poptarts.
  4. Awesome day Jim, thanks for taking me along. Soon it will be frosty cold ones on red dock, Glenn
  5. There is enough room to get around the docks, they should have them in soon anyway.
  6. Hey Pete, Talk to my wife, she handles this stuff every day.
  7. They don't open until mid April. However there is one ramp open where you can launch. Glenn
  8. I hear ya, my canoe is looking better all the time. Until they figure how to tax that. You better have a whole box of poptarts if you are going to give them to that boy . He gets any bigger I'm going to farm him out, can't keep him fed now.
  9. I went by the east side marina today and noticed the gas dock is trashed . Does anyone have more information as to the damage or when it will be fixed? Glenn
  10. Hey Pete, Is there anyway you could remove the arch? A friend of mine, is in my opinion the best welder in NY, but is not mobile. Glenn
  11. This afternoon we lost Ron Bishop. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
  12. My late mother always said " don't hold your hand on your ass waiting for the gov. to anything, it will grow there".
  13. You are correct John. I moved into my slip Thursday and they turned the power for me. The bar is open. Well after Sunday anyway. See you Tuesday.
  14. Wrights is open and someone is at the booth, it costs $10.00 to launch. However anyone who is on a dock with elect. and water service. Service won't be turned on till 5/1. But they will charge you for it.
  15. Sometimes being handicapped does work for me. The way Bud eats you better bring a case of poptarts.
  16. I talked to the guys putting the docks in this morning. They said the marina is allowing boats to come into their docks Monday 4-18, you will have to pay of course. Hey Gray I have a few red&whites from last year. I'm sure you'll help me solve that . Glenn
  17. Hey Frank, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day.
  18. I was on this boat during the 2010 Pro/Am. Ran very well as I recall. Jim could stay on the boat and sell the camper. Move on over to the Red Dock, he could open a breakfast boat.
  19. Simple really, gas goes in your tank, NY State takes the money from your back pocket. I don't know about NY state, but any fuel that is used for other than over the road ie; farm equipment,boat ect. the federal tax is deductable, if you itemize your tax return.
  20. Pete you nasty man. Are you practicing to be the new "Uncle Dirty"?
  21. Sounds hot, I am an avid drag boater as well as a fisherman. What is he going to use for power? I've been over 150mph in an alcohal hydro and my sport boat is a 21' tunnel with a 572 ci and 14-71 blower she puts out 1100hp. I'd be real intrested in seeing a pic of his boat when its done.
  22. Wow Pete, It'll take a few red&whites to get that image outta my head.
  23. You know the old saying " You can always tell when a politcian is liying if their lips are moving".
  24. Gray, That cane "Jersey Jim" made me is a drinking tool. Holds my fat butt upright and holds a spare beer. He is one clever dude. I hear ya, my liver gets a break till next May. Hey Pete I have some can holders if you want them. Shark
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