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  1. A little off topic On my daily trip by Wrights it was sad to see most of the docks have been removed, boats are gone. Talking with the guys working on the docks, they told me that they found alot of beer cans around "Red 19". I wounder whose slip that is Gray. I'm still looking for your hidden stash. My wife told me the only time I drink is when I get around you guys. Hope the "Red Dock Crew" are doing well. See ya in the spring. Shark
  2. Another boat got ripped off last night. I think the city should change the name to Wrights Marine and Tackle supply, self serve. Glenn
  3. Hey Gray AB will only have to cut back just one shift now. Shark
  4. Hey Big Dave, That'll be the day. Several guys make their own wine, one drinks scotch by the gallon, and if a bunch of guys stopped drinking AB would have to lay off. Shark
  5. If you're interested, (red dock guys/girls) red dock is in the water and the slips are mostly in. Shark
  6. Hi ya Jim, You are welcome anytime. See you soon. Shark
  7. I went out of Fairhaven Saturday did vey well, 8 browns and 2 steelhead in 3 hours. Stickbaits were the top lures. Went home and caught 6 nice bullheads in the creek behind my house that night. I hope this is an omen of how to season is going to go. Shark
  8. they started to put the docks in this morning. The launch ramp is open for larger boats. Hey red dock guys we will drinking on the dock soon! Oh yeah fishing too. Shark
  9. I bet you guys really pounded down last weekend, sorry I missed it. Shark
  10. Not yet, they haven't even started. Shark
  11. Welcome to the dock Jim, We do fish more than we drink(really). Shark
  12. You guys got me ROTFL. Haven't had a beer since last summer. As a matter fact I have 4 beers left from last year. Shark
  13. Hey Gray, My wife said she only worries about my drinking when I hook up with the "red dock gang" Glenn
  14. There is enough room between the curb and the docks to back a trailer down to ramp. They did the samething last year. You have to be careful , but you can do it.
  15. Here's just a thought, If they are so bent on haveing a wind farm. Perhaps they should build the wind mills on and around Galoo islands. The only thing it would disturb is the comerants maybe even kill a few. Glenn
  16. Amen Tim, Remember 1000 yards is for windmills too. Glenn "Shark" Sharkey
  17. Hey Liam, I got a couple of dogs that will help you out with the neighbors cat, or your neighbors as well. Glenn "Sharky"
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