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  1. Check with the local customs office when you get there. I was in Michigan (St. Clair River) last month, and they told me that as long as I didn't tie up (including to another boat) I did not have to call ahead. Just make sure you have your boat registration, canadian fishing license, and passport with you. They were very nice about it.
  2. Sorry about your luck, Capt. Larry, but you are in second place in the auction.
  3. Capt. Larry, Just playing around right now, but I got you by a buck !!! Currently at ...... Wait a minute, I've been outbid. I'll get back to you on where it's at.....
  4. I was planning on winning too, but someone burst my bubble at $145.01. Is that you, Old Man ? I'll give it one more try, but at some point I must also let it go.
  5. I gotcha now....... I'm on top !!! At least for a while....
  6. I just kicked it again. It'll be a great finish...... Thanks to all involved. Ray J
  7. Capt. Larry, It ain't over, til it's over. how bad do you want them ??? Ray J
  8. Zach Baker, where are you ??? Went to the Butler Fishing Show today. Thousands of great baits, but not Baker Baits !!! The Baker table was empty. Are you stuck in a snow drift somewhere ???
  9. We have a lot of guys here in western PA that belong to "Three Rivers Chapter of MI" and to our independent "Moraine Musky Association". Ray J
  10. Zach, When did you start making jointed lures. Just when i thought I had enough Baker lures. Ray J
  11. I believe he was trolling. Ray J. And did you hear, my buddy Ron donated the 50-50 cash back to the baitfish fund ???
  12. July 23th & 24th - Chautauqua Lake Tournament Prendergast Launch Sign up @ 7am to 8 am July 24th.$25 entry and optional $5 for 50 inch pot. There is a $10 additional fee for non-members. Total points per team max. 4 rods per boat. Fish may be witnessed by any tournament participant, 50" pot must be witnessed by someone in another boat. Channel 9 on vfh radio will be used for the tournament Brought to you by Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc. http://threerivers.muskiesinc.org/
  13. Zach, Don't worry about them, you won't need them.........
  14. OK, but at least make them show the lure they caught it on, to claim the prize. That way we can confirm that they actually had one and what color it was.
  15. Good luck getting the 'whiners' to tell you what they caught their fish on. Last tournament they didn't even tell you if they caught it casting or trolling. I think if they take our money, they should honestly reveal how and what they got their fish on.
  16. Wishing you guys the best of luck, and wishing I was fishing.....
  17. I took a ride today and stopped at the Happy Hooker this afternoon. Brian said he sold a weeks worth of bait today!!! Guys I talked to were pounding the crappies and perch. I told Brian I wanted another one of those Baker baits. He's sold out again. (I need another lure like I need........well let's just say I don't need any more lures.) He told me not to worry, he's getting more before musky season. Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask for them by name. Good luck next week in Ohio. No fishing for me until I get the crops planted. Thanks again to all who play a part in minnow fund raising! And, Capt. Larry, I don't need to catch a dozen, just a couple of 50's. Ray J
  18. Zach, Be aware, Tamarack is a electric motors only lake. Good destination, but bring your oars not your outboards! Ray J
  19. Thanks, Zach !!! Now I don't have to figure out how to put a live pheasant into one of those flat rate mailing boxes.... I got the market cornered on Baker Baits, and the losers missed out!!!!!!!!! Ray J ps. If anybody needs one before the tournament, I'll part with them for $75.00 each.
  20. I believe I got the market cornered on "the good stuff" !!!
  21. And, Last auction they didn't have those cute little fins painted on them. Ok, next bid is over $200. Let's see who wants them......
  22. I'm gonna need a bigger tackle box.... I already have a plano 3700 box dedicated to my Baker lure collection. If you guys want these lures, you are going to have to pay for them !!!!!!!! Ray J
  23. Great looking baits! As far as another auction, I'm out of the bidding for a while. Have to recover from being Santa, and save up a little for the Butler Fishing Show! However, feel free to go ahead without me.
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