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  1. inside bigger deeper outside smaller
  2. Hot Bite this AM!!!!! on the water by 5:30 set up in 215 fow headed north 4 on flat lines 2 riggers and 2 dipseys first shot was a weighted spoon off the flat like 115 back small steelhead once it was reset I don't think 5 minutes passes and the same rod fires this time a laker just shy of #11 reset and the 225 dipsey takes a shot and starts peeling line bring in a low teen king all reset and heading west in 250 fow the 185 dipsey starts screaming gets out to almost 400 feet of wire and the battle of reeling it in begins we gain 5 it runs out 20 after 30+minutes 17 ' behind this slob spits the hook!!! I almost puked the mood on the boat fell to the bottom of the lake!!! any way we pushed on and picked away at a bunch more steelhead. total hits +or-18 250-265 was the best depth. hot flies were the AAF Blackjaw and the AAF hammer. The hot spoons were NBK, Carbon 14, Yellow tux, and an nk spoon in size 28 not sure of the name one edge is pink the other edge is orange and silver down the middle in a hammered finish. Green challenger stick baits took a few fish also. Can't wait to get back out later in the week!!!!
  3. set up in 45 fow hunting for pig browns in the fog. 4 flat lines 2 riggers. was set up by 6 am 6:10 first rod fires in 50 fow small steelhead on a yellow tux 100' back with a 1oz keel sinker. fog burned off by 730ish so we began working out deeper next fish hit about 8ish on a flat lined blk/silver rapalla 125 back. soon after boating that small steelhead the 225 dipsey fires in 140 fow with a 9 lb laker on an AAF black jaw bandit fly and an nbk SD. while netting the laker the blk/silver j-11 fires again with a small steelhead. after resetting lines the 225 dipsey fires again with another 9lb laker. working out deeper the other dipsey took a hit but came off just as fast this was in 240 fow 185 out with a watermelon AAF fly on a white with green dot SD. then shortly after the 55 rigger fired in 250 fow with a carbon 14 in came a skippy king followed shortly after by another small steelhead. while picking up lines at about 1pm in 285 fow the black jaw fly took another smack and we boated another small steelhead. we finished at 7 for 9 nothing big to write home about. wish I could lock into some kings!!! back at it on sunday!! mike
  4. I m headed back there in the morning will post my results!!
  5. set up @ 6 am a bit east of hughes on an ne troll in 100' two riggers down 1 with a ssw stinger the other with a F\F a 225 dipsey on #2 setting with an AAF black jaw fly the other dipsey on a #2 setting 165 back pulling a watermelon fly and 2 flat lines off the boards one with a green challenger the other with a blk\silver j-11. first fish came at about 8 on the watermelon fly but came unglued after a short battle. after getting it reset the challenger fired and produced a #7lb steelhead. Turning and working west to ginna produced steelhead and a 12'' king along with an #8lb laker worked water from 100-250 and the water is cold surface temps in the mid 40s!
  6. hey talked with you guys at the launch sunday afternoon nice to meet you guys. we had a slow pic in the same depth of steelhead and lakers!! water temp sucked from what it was a week ago when it was startin to set up nice. I will be out later in the week. congrats on your two big browns!! :yes: . mike
  7. fished over to ginna yesterday morning 180-225 fow 3 hits all came on 225 dipsey pulling a custom blk/silver fly behind a sd went 1 for 3 on the kings! landed a 13lbser couldn't buy a hit on the riggers tried f/f and a bunch of different spoons but none would fire. surface temps were 55 deg and 43 deg down 60 foot marks all over the screen. I should have run some cheaters up top for coho and steelhead!!!
  8. I second that Norm is the man and is really cleaning the place up down there!!
  9. ok I am going to give it a try in the morning will post later!
  10. Let me know how you make out trying to decide to fish by bear creek tomorrow or head towards sodus?
  11. between the dipsey and flasher I go a rod length, I am not a fan of hand lining a fish to the net. just my opinion.
  12. are you fishing out of bear creek tomorrow morning?
  13. just haven't found the quality kings I think I should have worked out to 225 or 250 to see is the screens improved at all picked most of out fish on blank screens.
  14. fished 135 fow to 170 fow 29 and 55 down. water temp on surface was 56, 60 foot down was 41 deg 11 hits boated 7 1 atlantic 2 steelhead 2 coho and 2 kings nothing over 10 lbs all went back in lady O!!! but better than the skunks that everyone at hughes was complaining about all fish were rigger bite and cheaters hot spoon was a stinger 42nd. dipseys and boards were untouched!! big USGS boat all over in front of ginna looked like it was dragging some sort of nets. mike
  15. Nice will be out there in the morning Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I will take the larger ones if the deal falls through I live in Webster and can swing over when ever! mike
  17. I use 10' eagle claw diver rods with twillie tips under $60 for 2 put your extra money in a good reel or gym membership to get you arms in shape to crank in fish!!
  18. We were getting them off the boards using sticks and off the 25 and 50 foot riggers in 100 to 115 fow
  19. Put a beating on the cohos a bit deeper between 90-115 black and silver rapalas on the big boards and blue and silver dw ss spoons on the riggers a lot of acrobatics great to watch also got a 10" skipper king can't get over all the coho this year no complaints from this guy I love them!
  20. How much effort is it putting it in and out of gear?
  21. Yup over time little by little it streached out omc was known for it there was a recall on them they updated the cables and recommend they are changed every 5 years
  22. Can you shift in and out of gear with two fingers?
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