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  1. i'm all set up thanks for all the info guys!
  2. Chris B-E tackle can get parts for you on rt 104 in ontario. mike
  3. hey everyone I am changing over my Dipsey rods from mono to wire wondering what I will need to do as far as backing line? how much wire on the reel? is 7 strand wire better than the new 19 strand and also knots or connectors between wire/backind and wire/dipsey any help would be great!! mike
  4. i confirm the high numbers of cougers in webster, fairport, and pittsford just check the bars around here and they are breeding any suitable mate!!!
  5. streeters in ontairo is very good too
  6. i would like to take a look at these on thursday when i get back in webster if they are still for sale
  7. also stagger the line length run the deeper (the one on the #1 setting) tighter to the boat say 160' back and your #3 setting back 225'
  8. hey guys i just got my first boat and i need to hook it up to fish. i am looking for a couple manual downriggers, a fish finder and rod holders i can't spend a fortune please PM me anything you may have kicking around you want to get rid of thanks. Mike
  9. depending on where you are driving from huges marina would be another option! and you don't deal with the bay traffic!
  10. i spray my spools with reel magic and it works great
  11. I would start about 160 and work out if I were you!!!
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