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  1. Could need a cable adjustment or new cable
  2. Pugsleys is the place to go for omc work that's where I take my sportcraft. Bob is the man
  3. I think they smoke a bunch of hippie lettuce wait till the giggles set in and name it the first thing that pops into their head while staring at it!!! Lol.
  4. great video looks like you guys had a good time and that's what it is all about!!
  5. We fished west out of Hughes on Sunday there was a huge alwive spawn that is what most of the dead fish were inshore fish were bloated full of bait. Could not get a rod to fire all day!
  6. I was planning on that this afternoon just seems out west was on fire this spring
  7. thinking of heading a bit west tomorrow wondering what would be better fishing looking for browns, king, and lakers also where are good starting points? never fished much out this way any help would be great! thanks, mike
  8. Got a 4th place brown trout on the board today J-11 blk and gold rapala 10.12 lbs Hughes!
  9. make sure you have a registered witness with you!!!
  10. Just went through the same situation I went with a jasper marine engine 18 month unlimeted hours warranty 2800 bucks runs like a top
  11. I caught about 2 million fish off my old proos riggers never had an issue with them.
  12. interested in some wire and copper set ups can you pm me prices and pics? mike
  13. check iboats.com great prices.
  14. I would be interested in them if steelie passes on them could you send me pics?
  15. looking for 2 to upgrade my okuma magnas let me know that you have thanks mke
  16. Are these the horizontal or the vertical style and where are they located
  17. That is a day the kid will never forget. Great work guys!!!!
  18. pete I have one pic of them I can text u if you send me a cell #! mike
  19. a friend of mine is selling a set of aluminum telescoping outriggers that open to 15' includes blacks releases please contact Craig Kota for more info @ 585-820-3601 asking price is $300 or B.O.
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