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  1. rbonnell

    Sad to say

    Yes that is the law i live bye on the water
  2. I was out there yesterday and did a couple of fish 70 down over 100-120 i hope this helps you with a starting point
  3. rbonnell

    Lake Rollover

    I went out of port bay yesterday surface temp was 73 degrees
  4. rbonnell

    LOC Derby Fish ?

    That's good news
  5. rbonnell

    Sad to say

    I wish i was out there i would of pulled all the fishing gear up and came to tow you back in. Last weekend i launched at seneca lake just to go get someone that qas broke down
  6. rbonnell

    Fuel Tanks

    Looks real good
  7. rbonnell

    Hank at l/m marine service

    He is a great guy to deal with you can pm on here his screen name is L&M i hope this helps you
  8. rbonnell

    Why can't I catch Mature Kings?

    The big mature kings will come for thw ice water which is down around a 100 or more depending on what port you fish out of and remember the currents will change your lure speed the last time i was out my gps speed was at 2.7 but lures speed was at 1.9 on my fish hawk
  9. rbonnell

    Dead gulls

    I saw a a couple in the port bay area yesterday
  10. rbonnell


    I am guessing they kings will be staging oe even maybe going into the streams around that time
  11. rbonnell

    Yamaha Problems

    X2 hank is a great guy to deal with
  12. rbonnell

    New guy from NY

    Welcome this site has a wealth of knowledge. The best thing to do if you can swing it is to go out with a charter and watch you will learn a lot
  13. rbonnell

    Priceless first fish

    Yes that's awesome
  14. you have feelings where i never saw them lol
  15. rbonnell

    National Lake Trout Derby

    I was thinking about fishing it this year but its a no go for me seens how my boat is down and wont be fixing it until next month