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  1. Those rods you are using are like telephone poles if you get some rods with some softer action tips you will be able to read them better
  2. Happy birthday Nick Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Wouldn't fish without it the currents under the surface can be crazy!
  4. I hope Ontario fast Tracy gets it soon!!
  5. Cohomotion would like to join again we can take one vet! Mike
  6. I had my old 17' out in 550' when the wind was right! You just need to pay attention to the weather at all times! Just make shire you have a VHF incase something happens!
  7. I have a bunch of riggers i can part with proos and cannons pm me if you are interested i am in Webster Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. As willie said fish are there you need to work for them! Best bite for me has been early till about 830am mixed bags of Browns, kings and Lakers Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Try green harbor camp ground and marina just west of the oak on Johnson creek the have a sweet setup!
  10. There's fish there but I would fish out of there heading west. Mixed bags of kings browns and lakers and the rain should get the last of the drop back steelhead out of the tribs.
  11. Don't know where you are fishing but where I am there is good action for lakers in 50-70 fow I have no problem getting them in dipseys with flashers and flies or on spoons just get near the bottom ank keep it slow!,
  12. Unreal a week ago the brownd were on fire now it's as if they all but disappeared!
  13. Fished 5/4 it was sloooow! Picked a small brown in 35 fow 15 down on a ssw and didn't move another rod till bear creek we picked a few small steelhead on j7 orange and gold rapalas trolled all the ah back to Hughes picking away at skipper kings under 3 lbs and cohos the same size nothing exciting at all at least the gnats were gone for the most part but so was the warmer water! Warmest water we found was 47deg. Fished 60 fow into 20 fow on blank screens with little bait. Might try again in the morning there were a few boats out but didn't notice any hooked up!
  14. try getting it to pugsley's in Ontario
  15. Someone is a fun crusher with no Bay Rats!!!
  16. Steve's custom canvas in Webster is good also
  17. I ran these flies last season and boated a lot of fish they are great and hold up well to repeated abuse! His rigs are great too!
  18. try pugsley's in Ontario those guys are great.
  19. Last I heard NK is out of service!! If I were you I would contact FL tackle n see if bob fuller can hook you up with a paint job!! I did hear there were Nk spoon blanks for sale at the avon flea market
  20. 60% of the time it works every time! Hold my beer and watch this.." The number one cause of divorce is marriage...
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