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  1. I am looking for a few handles from a Tekota 500..... I bought a new 300 and assumed it would have the same handle as my 500 (single paddle) but it came with the dual paddles I have read a few posts from some guys replacing these handles to a power model, let me know if you have a few single paddle handles laying around. Thanks [ Post made via iPod ]
  2. X2! Ryan made me a batch of flies that I can't wait to get wet. He had no problem making these custom for my order I can't wait until his new spoons come out [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. Mine is 50/200...... Manufacturer told me the fishhawk triducer is a different frequency. You will be ok [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. X4 here as well, you won't be sorry [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. They worked great! Thanks for the help guys [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. I used mine for the first time this weekend..... They track great with very little blowback!! I will be getting another pair of 13# and a pair if 15s too [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. 15 lb mono(Cajun red).... I will try again this weekend being careful with the wraps. Thanks again everyone with the advise [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. I make a loop with the line, stick my finger in the loop and rotate 6-8 times. What is the right way? Thanks for the help
  9. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store ... s_RC95.jpg longline, I assume I am running it right side up....... Does it run like this photo? Thanks [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. Great! Thanks for the help, I will give them another try
  11. Gambler, how many times do you twist the line? Dale, I plan to try the rubber band trick this weekend, never tried before.......
  12. Power pro downrigger cable $50 x 4 riggers (got it) power pro on rods $20 x 4 rods (going shopping tomorrow) Shark weights $100 each (going to try my #13 A Tom Mik torpedoes) 12" glow flashers $15 ea (got that too) Tha look on Stans face when I bring a couple of those fish to his weigh in this weekend........ PRICELESS
  13. I've got a question on using Blacks releases..... is there any way to attach the line to the release without it slipping? I followed the directions on the package, (twisting line before attaching to release) and the line slips when I preload my rod tip. Within minutes I have zero setback I like the idea of these releases and really hope someone has a suggestion. Many of you use these releases and I am sure someone here can help me out. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys, I am running blacks releases so no worries there. I have ordered a couple times from atommik and have been very impressed every time........ Any idea of how much blowback I will have at 250' at 2.5mph? ( we have to go alot deeper out here to find 42-48* water;)) [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  15. Just got a pair of the 13# torpedos. Some questions I have on them...... Do they run true out of the box or do I need to tune them? Any advise on storing them so they don't get bent/damaged while not in use? Or should I just quit worrying about it and go get them wet?? I was really impressed with the quick service (2 days to California ) also impressed with the heavy duty hardware, as long as they track good I will get another pair as will a few of my buddies out here! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  16. I only got 8-10 hours on a battery also...... lost my probe a few weekends ago I plan on buying the new style x4 probe, but keep all the rest of the 840 stuff (display and transducer) from what I understand this will basically turn my unit into an x-4 without the cool new display. have any of you guys done this? how do you like it? or should I go and buy the x-4 complete? Thanks
  17. x2 for bretts, I got some stuff from him a couple months ago. Very fair pricing, and fast shipping. I am on the west coast, had my stuff on my front porch in 3 days......... give him a call
  18. Got mine today, thanks Mark! Super easy transaction, can't wait to use them next weekend [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  19. Thanks Marty59!! now I can afford those
  20. http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php this one has quite a few...... I also got a cool app for my iPhone check iTunes out. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  21. I found the NON linecounter at my local tackle store, the Saltist 50 on sale for 139......... not sure if any of you wanted the non line counter model?? Let me know, only 2 left
  22. Thanks guys! sorry for the rookie questions
  23. maybe a stupid question, how do I determine the agressive position?? Thanks, [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  24. Install is fairly easy too, I installed mine in a couple hours. Similar to a sonar, you will need to wire the display with 12 volts, and install a transducer, definately worth the money! Once you know the temps and speed at depths, you should catch more fish. I am sure glad I bought one hope this helps....... [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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