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  1. I can meet you at Niagara Produce ( transit and Millersport Give me a cal 7164407187 My name is Ron
  2. Have mount .I reason I'm selling is I boat new a boat that had one on. I also have the planner boards if anyone is interested.im asking 150 for the mask and mount.
  3. Did real well Monday and Tuesday night. Caught two man Lindt both nights
  4. Catching all my walleye on Rapala jigs
  5. Look at his post dat 2009. Yes it changed
  6. I have two 13 lb. bullets weight that were used once. They sell for 69.00 each at Cabelas. I'll sell both for 70.00 plus shipping . Better yet pick up
  7. Do I need to pay state and income tax on the 9 million .
  8. There is also concern on the lack of emerald shiners in the entire Lake Erie. There is something definitely going with the decline and it probably caused by the zebra mussels devouring the nutrients.
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