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  1. Crossbow draw weight: 100# minimum 200# maximum in NYS
  2. Hey! I hope this is not the only rig you have! What I mean is: I hope you are not giving up fishing, are you?
  3. Congrats! How was he out of the "fryin pan"? - tasty, I'll bet!
  4. Does antone know whether Skaneateles lake is still closed to boating?
  5. skiptrophy02


    There was a couple recent reports of 91 octane non ethanol available at Fast Track stations in Rochester, Ovid, and Ithaca. All Fast Track stations are supposed to start having it available.
  6. Thanks for the "good report" ... Million dollar staircase eh?
  7. NitroMusky, Do you use that (expensive) oil made special for the Opti?
  8. Thanks, Guys! I "guess" that makes me feel "a little better". I thought I had some "big" problems! Skip
  9. My Trophy serpentines even after changing angle of "compensator plate". Just put a new steering cable on too, still "serpentines"! Any body got any suggestions? Thanks, Skip
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