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  1. We arrived today for 5 days of fishing for salmon out of Henderson Harbor. Any recommendations on location and lures would be appreciated. We are thinking mountain to finger with flasher flies and spoons down 85 to 115 over 135 to 150. Thanks, Daniel Fishing Team
  2. markdaniel

    Sold / Closed 2003 BAHA 277 GLE

    If a buyer does not want the trailer, I would be interested in purchasing the trailer for my 277 GLE boat. Thanks, mark
  3. I am looking to purchase a Minnkota Terrova 72” shaft. I am located on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. Must be a later model unit in excellent condition. Thanks, Mark [email protected]
  4. Does the Fishmaster 196 have a pedestal base in the bow area that they will fit in? Thanks, mark
  5. Boat launch is fine. Salmon fishing has been excellent in the shipping lanes the past few days.
  6. Try 90 to 100' depth near high rocks. Spoon bite yesterday morning. Is it rough in the trench? Good luck.
  7. Greg, I will take 4 9' 30# and 4 12' 30# and 4 9' 40# 4 12' 40#. Please ship to: Mark Daniel 9240 Renshaw Bay Rd Mannsville, NY 13661 I will pay via paypal. Thanks, Mark
  8. Greg, I will take 10 with 25. Please use 6’ of fluorocarbon line. How much do I owe you? Will send via PayPal. Thanks, mark
  9. Looking for a Humminbird Helix 7 chirp unit (FF/GPS). Must be in excellent condition. Thanks. Mark
  10. Sam's Club is selling all marine and golf cart batteries with $20 off discount per battery. Today only!
  11. I gave up trying to find a good used one and bought new. The $4000 rebates and 6 year Yamaha warranty made the transaction a fair one. Good luck with your search!
  12. Towne Marine in PA has a late model used 196. It is pricey.
  13. I just bought a 2019 Starcraft 196 Fishmaster. I opted for the 150 Yamaha and 9.9 4 stroke package. They have great rebates right now that sealed the deal. I could have gotten the 200 Yamaha but saved $3000 by going with the 150. I will use my minnkota as the auto pilot. I may need to eventually upgrade to a 72” shaft in the future, but they tell me my 60” will work for now. Any comments? Thanks, Mark
  14. The best price I have found to date on a 2019 Starcraft fishmaster 196 with 150 Yamaha and 9.9 4 stroke kicker with full canvas and trailer is $45800. Starcraft is offering $3000 rebates until the end of March. Debating new vs used. Used late model units are hard to find! Good luck.
  15. Greg made a collection for me and they are fantastic. Top quality. Mark
  16. Spin Doctors don't come with E Chips! Try it on a dypsy set up. I have also had slow days where an E Chip on flasher and fly has out produced E Chip on flasher only.
  17. I just ordered another set from Greg with E Chips. A bit more expensive to make because of the E Chip. I will let you know how they look when I receive them!
  18. Greg, Can you call me at 6093068639? I have a special order I would like you make for me. Thanks, Mark
  19. Heading up on Thursday to fish for salmon, walleye and/or Perch in the Henderson Harbor area. I was thinking Association Island, Point Peninsula and Black Water Bay might be good spots to target. Any reports on best locations and presentations would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone for sharing fishing information and pictures this year. We are most grateful for the friendship and exchange of information. Thanks, Mark
  20. I just received my second order from Greg of 20 hook sets and storage box. They are excellent and well worth the cost. I strongly recommend them. Greg custom made by recent order for use with 11' flashers. Great job.
  21. Greg, No rush they are for next fall. I sent you a separate response on your other listing for $65 or $50 if you pickup. I will be up next week to Brennans Bay in Mannsville NY. If it is easier to ship that is ok as well. Thanks, Mark
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