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  1. We will be out tomorrow in trench. Text me at 6093068639 with any info you need regarding speed and temp as we have the x4d. Mark
  2. 28 # king on white green dot nk spoon 100 down over 125 on winger in trench I hope are scales are accurate
  3. Calm in trench. 50 degrees 100 down. Fish 90 to 11& over 130. Fish stacked up. Dont see much being caught.
  4. Just got out. Lake is calm in trench. Water temp 51 at 100'. Marking fish between 90 to 115'.
  5. The Daniel Fishing Team just joined for this weekend. Very easy to sign up. Great job guys. Mark
  6. I would definitely participate when we are there. Mike's Marina has a tournament once a year. I think their rules and forms are on their site. It will give you an idea of what to think about.
  7. I was in the Baha Cruiser 277 GLE. We headed in at 630 p.m.
  8. That was basically our spread today. We got lakers but could not get a salmon to hit. We saw salmon porpoising on the surface near the finger. Best fish screen I have viewed out of HH in some time. The current was wicked this morning so we could only run 3 riggers. Got better as the day went on and we added dipsys to spread.
  9. Water temp 49 down 100 over 133 near mtn. Bait and fish evey where. Lake trout bite.
  10. Setup 100 over 150 between mtn and finger. Great temp and marking fish
  11. It is flat calm. We have been out since 900 am. Trying for salmon. Only lakers so far. Water temp 50 @ 130 over 150 off finger. Marked alot of fish between mountain and finger. Daniel Fishing Team. On 68
  12. Thanks for the advice. We have been catching many lake trout out of Henderson Harbor at speeds, temp and depths traditionally reserved for salmon. They aren't the best fighters this time of year, but they bring some excitement when it is slow.
  13. What is the most effective way to release lake trout when catching them on Lake Ontario using downriggers? They are beautiful fish, and we have been catching plenty of them trolling for salmon. I hate to see them float on the surface when released. Thanks, Mark
  14. markdaniel

    for sale : usa 2006 Baha 286 Sport Fish

    Jeff, Can you post some pictures of helm, cabin and seating area in cockpit? You can also email them to me at [email protected] Thanks, Mark
  15. I have 6 Daiwa SGC 47 LC's all in excellent condition for $300. You can pickup in Pulaski this weekend. Mark
  16. I will be in the area this weekend. Is the boat in Oswego? Thanks, Mark
  17. I will be in the area this weekend. Is the boat in Oswego? Thanks, Mark
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