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  1. Bob, How much to ship them to me in Henderson Harbor, NY? I don't need the balls. Mark
  2. We caught 4 kings and 1 lake trout between the mountain and the finger. We caught fish in 135 to 145 feet of water down 90 to 135. FF and spoons. UV green was best. We caught 3 of the kings on UV green spoon 90 down on wingers. They were definitely in 60 degree water. Lake was calm. All fish came between 1 and 3 p.m.
  3. I would like to look at it when it arrives in Oswego. Please text me when available. I am in Henderson NY. 6093068639. Thanks, Mark
  4. We caught 3 lakers and 3 kings out of Henderson today. Caught fish 100 to 115 over 140 to 150. Thermocline was 54 to 48 at those depths. Marked schools of bait and fish. Flasher flies and uv spoons worked best. 2.0 to 2.5 at ball. Between the mountain and finger was best. Fished from 9 am to 230 pm. The big king was 15# and beautiful silver.
  5. Caught 5 lakers, 1 brown and a small salmon yesterday. 110 to 135 over 160. UV spoons and flasher flies. 1.9 to 2.3 at the ball. Found 50 temp at 115 to 125.
  6. I am selling a new Penn 340 GTI w/550+ feet of copper 300 yards of power pro backing. $125 (free shipping in continental US). Text me at 609-306-8639 for pictures. Thanks, Mark
  7. Walleye and pike in the bays (3 Mile, Chaumont and Black-River - Floating Bombers and Michigan Stingers) . Lake trout off Stony Point - Cow Bells. I have not heard much regarding browns.
  8. I live in NJ, but I have a summer place near Pulaski, NY
  9. I have 2 barely used Penn 320 GT Line Counters. Excellent condition. New 20# Ande line. $50 each plus cost of shipping. Text me at 6093068639 and I will send pictures.
  10. They handle 12 # weights with no problem Just slow and steady retrieve,
  11. Heading up this weekend for walleyes. May I ask generally where you caught them, depth and lures. We are based in Henderson Harbor. Thanks, Mark
  12. Copper can be great, but hard to use with all the boat traffic in trench.
  13. We caught 2 in the trench today in front of the high rocks. 75 down over 125. White with green dot flasher and fly. 2.2 mph 15 and 30 behind ball. 18 lb king and 8 lb coho. Trench was rough in morning. Saw 6 others caught.
  14. We are out right now nice screen with bait no takers yet. Light boat traffic.
  15. Any luck off Sandy Pond today? Thinking of heading south from Henderson Harbor tomorrow.
  16. How far north did you go? Depth you found fish and type of lures? We are out tomorrow out of Henderson Harbor. Thanks, Mark
  17. Salmon starting to show up in the trench and off the mountain. 11" flasher w/flies or meat has been productive. There will be heavy boat traffic this weekend so start fishing early.
  18. Henchen's does not have it.
  19. What was the water temperature at a 100' in the trench? it was a zoo out there on Sunday.
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