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  1. Yes. I wanted to pair them with spinning reels for casting.
  2. Are these rods paired with spinning reels for casting?
  3. A picture of the NK green dot spoons that I am looking for can be found above. Thanks, Mark
  4. If anyone happens to see silver 28 and mag NKs with green dots at the Association sale and can send me a picture at 6093068639, I will gladly reimburse you with a nice finders fee. Unfortunately, I live in NJ. I need at least a dozen of them. It is the NK 28 GLGD (Glow Green Dot) Thanks, Mark
  5. NK Spoons Does anyone know of a salmon/trout bait shop that has a selection of NK spoons for sale. Still looking for silver and green dot NK spoons. Thanks, Mark
  6. Westview lodge will be open this weekend. Great fishing for browns and walleyes in May. Harbors End Marina will let you keep your boat at their marina for a nominal rate. You can also launch there or at nice public marina.
  7. Last summer we broke down in Sandy Pond. Two wonderful gentlemen noticed we were struggling and towed us to Brennan's Bay Marina. They were headed out walleye fishing in the Pond and delayed their fishing trip to help us. I offered to pay them but they refused. There are good people out there. I wish I knew who they were so I could buy them lunch.
  8. Yes. The silver green dot spoons posted by NiagaraAddict are the ones I am looking to purchase. Thank you,
  9. I wish I could, but it was left in the boat and placed in storage for the winter.
  10. I am looking to purchase Northern King Spoons that are white/silver with green dots, If you have any to sell, please text me with a picture at 609-306-8639. Thanks, Mark
  11. Looking to purchase 2 walker tournament series downriggers with auto stop. Must be in mint condition. Thanks, Mark
  12. Drove over salmon river in Pulaski today. Fishermen everywhere.
  13. I have a set that is gold and black that slides into track system if interested.
  14. Brand new Penn 340 GTI w/600ft of copper and 300 yards power pro backing. Brand new. Text me at 6093068639 and I will send you detailed pictures. $125 includes free shipping in US. Thanks, Mark
  15. The guys off sandy pond have been having some success in 100 to 150' of water if you want to head south off the dunes. Dipsys and riggers using FF's have been good 75 to 90 down.
  16. We were 1 for 4 today. Nice silver 15# king. 110 over 135 near lighthouse. Hit at 215 pm. White green dot nk 28 spoon.
  17. We were 1 for 4 today. Nice silver 15# king. 110 over 135 near lighthouse. Hit at 215 pm. White green dot nk 28 spoon.
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