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  1. I had the same problem with my 40hp Evinrude! Take a piece of tape and mark your oil reservoir,see if its using oil,check your plugs and see if they are rich or lean,if they are lean,i would be very careful,it might be the oil pump failing! So ur sensor might be doing its job,thats the last thing you need,detonation of your cylinders because it was leaned out! GOOD LUCK,STEVO!
  2. Hey Wood, in the spring i came up for 4 days and stayed at Catfish Creek,very cool there,good deal on the accomodations and your boat is right there,its a lil tributary that leads into the big O,there is also a fish cleaning station there,u would have to travel just a lil east to get to Mexico Bay! a place to consider! GOOD LUCK,FISH-ON,STEVO
  4. Hey,couldnt find any used ones for ya,but i did go to Fish Hawks main website and found out they are still selling the probes and only have e few left and thats it when there gone,the price is 110.00 free shipping! fish-on and good luck! stevo
  5. Hey guys,how long of a leader do you run off of our leadcore to your lure? whats the best way to attach your lead core to your leader,nail-knot,albright-knot,swivel? can you use in-line boards with this set up? THANK YOU!!!
  6. Hey mjb122,what kind of rod does the combo come with? Thank u!
  7. Thanks anyways Joe,sounds like you guys had fun,we had a good time to,all browns and one nice steelhead,as soon as i get the money up i will buy the reels off of u if u have not sold them thanks stevo.
  8. Hey Joe,hope ya had some good fishing at Mexico Bay,its been pretty hot,how old are the Daiwa17lc's? I am getting ready to sell a penn 750ss spinning real in great shape,i paid 140.00 for it,would u be interested in a trade?
  9. HI Joe,i am also from the Albany area, do you have any of the lc reels left,i need a couple,i was up in LO BT fishing when u listed the reels on the site,thanks Stevo
  10. Yeah exactliy,its the whole Simrad thing going on,and also,if they discontinue the model they will no longer fix it,not good!! Its all about good customer service!
  11. They were playing HOOKIE,thats why!!!!lol Fish-On!
  12. Thanks Capt.Dave for taking the time to answer my questions,i know ur a busy man! I was gonna buy #1 snaps,i am glad you responded! Fish-On!
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