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  1. looking for 2, 6" tracks, traxtech, berts, cisco... also looking for 4" risers, let me know what you have
  2. I have a set of big jons, I can text you a picture if you give me a # came off my arch... 150.00 set...
  3. for the rubber band, So on the blacks, how tight do you adjust to? will the rubber band break or pull the release
  4. not to hi jack this, but I'm still looking for a 28-30' if you have found any, let me know...
  5. no hour meter but i would guess 2000. the average for a boat is 80 to 100 a year...
  6. It doesn’t hold coarse in 2’ or more. Or if really windy. I can get speed from 1.8 to 2.3. All day. For the money you spend on one. Don’t
  7. I have a tr-1 on a 9.9 ex.long shaft. 26' striper boat.. i hate the tr-1 pilot in 2' or more waves ,we will run the big motor than, never buy another for the money...
  8. where are you at with the price now? p.m. me....
  9. the 9.9 was perfect, ex long shaft, power trim on a solid mount with tr-1 auto pilot...
  10. This was on the boat when I got it. I believe it was made in South Carolina custom for the boat.
  11. more info... i was looking at the 2900s, not many around..
  12. budget is 30,000-45,000. maybe more if equipped right... we will be fishing the great lakes, walleye in erie mostly
  13. I'm looking for a new to me boat, 28' - 32' long, prefer twin engines, 10-12' beam, whats out there ??
  14. price reduced... $30,000.00 come look and make a offer,
  15. This boat is loaded with auto pilot for main engine and tr-1for the 9.9 Honda. New aluminum trailer. Big Jon rigger. More. $ $ $32500.00
  16. I have a set of reels, big johns, with line on them, Reels only no pulleys..
  17. lead all out, knot to tip of rod, than 40-50' than clip on the board line..
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