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  1. Here is 2001, 26' striper, great shape, loaded for fishing, kicker with Tr-1, sport pilot also on the main, $31,000.00
  2. This is a 26' striper, 2001 but garage kept most of its life,raymarine a98 fish finder added, raymarine sport pilot auto pilot on the main engine, its a volvo 350, sx drive.I/O.. just added a 9.9 honda kicker with a garmin tr-1 loaded for walleye on lake erie... new 2018 aluminum trailer, $$ 31,000.00.... only issue is the gray cover is torn and needs replaced...
  3. so how was the green 26' we found??
  4. I got two of the long ones to start with and loved them, I just got the other two so now Ill have all dippsy rods in them...
  5. I have a panther T-4 with a remote for sale if you want one. T-4 steering .msg
  6. I am about 6-8 also and just went to the cisco cradle for my dippsy rods, I also have 8.5 and 10' rods to seperate...
  7. This would be a great boat for someone but I'm looking for a little bigger one with twins, I found some pictures from when you were selling it and you did a great job, Rick
  8. Could you get me a phone number and ya it does look like a 26’ and single engine
  9. the two listed on boatsville are old post and sold, the 1st one would have been perfect, and ya, id like more info on the one in montour.. thanks Rick
  10. that one, anyone see it, been sitting 3 yrs..
  11. Looking for a 28 to 30' penn yan but having no luck, anyone know of any not listed?? has anyone looked at the rampage in monroe mi.?? Thanks Rick
  12. I just got a Bradley smoker, this is a nice programmable unit to smoke and cook, love the ribs and chicken..
  13. here is a easy loader that I had a 26' striper on, single axle breaks... 814-594-0998 $1000.00
  14. here is one for you, this had a 26' striper on it.. i just got a new aluminum that was rated heaver because of all the gear and kicker , added wt. to my boat put me to the max... i tow two to three hours to get to the lake and this was always maintained, ready to go... Rick
  15. Pirate marine boat trailers, or piratemarine.net, i just got a new one for my 26' striper and wanted it heaver for all the gear and kicker, new, well constructed and the best price for an aluminum trailer... good luck Rick
  16. I got it and 500$ would be a fair price. It is new
  17. there was one that is a soft top i looked at this spring, Greg Hill, 288 penn yan ...port clinton... he did a nice job but not for me... wanted like 28,000.... 419-635-6156
  18. if it was me for the pm, i did not get one...
  19. I just called the scrap yard and was told that they don’t have a penn yen. If you could stop by and make sure that is what you buddy did with it. What model it was. I’m 4.5 hrs away and not a short trip. Thanks rick
  20. It is called fishing, not catching... just go and enjoy the day out on a boat with friends and maybe catch yourself a prize salmon or in my case its walleye... I always say catching is a bonus... lets go fish.... good luck with your next trip, lots of great choices for your next trip... Rick
  21. Been there, and after fishing for 30 yrs I now have my capt licenses and do lake Erie walleye fishing, first thing I tell my customers is that this a hands on charter.. you will set dippsys, planer board rods and net fish, I will do the riggers but show you how its done,, I feel this is a better way, you are responsible if you drop a rod over.... always ask before you book..
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