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  1. I sent a pm and said I'll take them. No reply
  2. I just had this conversation with my wife about our trailer, I think I might be at max weight and we tow 2.5 hrs to get to the lake, I'm going to have it put on a scale... you should too...
  3. I just got one from adventure marine, solid build..
  4. I have trolled with the main moters for years in both my four winns and striper boats, bags off the sides and r.p.m.s. at 800-1000 to get to speed needed, just do the correct oil changes and there was never a problem, I pulled out drive every year to grease too...
  5. I would do $1000.00, Rick , 814-594-0998
  6. I have a fish hawk x4 and still cant figure it out, I too use this for only speed... I just got a smart troll set up and will be installing it soon, I cant wait to use this as it will tell me my lure depth also... I think this will help
  7. Thanks, SG is a good price and in stock with whistle attached, Thanks again..
  8. Type 1 life vest I am starting the charter for lake erie and need to buy 8, type 1 vest and would like advice on where to buy?? Thanks Rick
  9. This one taken from erie was a thrill also, it took her 20 min. to bring in and we had two nets on it, it made the day, congrads on yours...
  10. Ok, Buckmaster, Ill double it... if your description is correct... lets see it...If this was put away correct, and you want to be fair to the man, show us some pics and we will make realistic offers, than give him the correct price...The trailer is worth 2500-3000 alone...the kicker is 2500, the boat new was ????electronics??? Id like to see this also,, if you change your mind, let me know... In the end, you will be fair im sure...
  11. The out drive should be fine, The gas in tank and motor issues???, wiring from mice???, Tires dry rot?? any pics..?? OK, I'm in for $5000.00... and I didn't even see it... good luck...
  12. Thank you, I will quote them..
  13. how about a # for bob at word wide marine, and can they do charter coverage?
  14. My sport pilot has a cable going to a spliter block, a cable is than just connected to the block and the fish finder, easy as that...
  15. There was a real nice 2900 in akron, 50,000, I just could swing it...yet..
  16. Thanks Les, I have a lot to think about, As stated , Im a contractor so I deal with the employee and tool loss, ya, oops, left it somewhere... i also deal with weather everyday, snow, wind and rain as we do snow removal, concrete, blacktop sealing, I need good weather for everything I do.. I have a great respect for all who charter, you work hard, and I get that...if it was easy everyone would do it. I love to be on the water and on my boat, I have a lot of free fishing friends and family and ya, there too I get to pay for the fuel, lost equipment, rod overboard, net, lures lost, rod broken, now think its time to turn the page, I am thinking if I did a few charters on the weekends, it may help pay for the boat maint and ins... I don't have the expectation to do this full time although i didn't think I would do a charter after i got licensed either, getting a licenses was a lot to learn, now i have a lot to think about... Rick
  17. I find myself in the same situation as baitballin, I have fished Erie for years, been on Ontario several times too, I got my captain license last yr just because I always wanted it, not to start a business, and now have lots of people who know me as a fisherman and now a captain are asking me to take them out, i have never taken anyone for money and wouldn't know what to charge, I have been on several charters myself so I know what i paid.. I know about people as Im a contractor, I also have a fully rigged 26' boat with all the bell and whistles...I also know what it cost me to get this set up...maintained, ect...Im not sure Ill be comfortable with strangers on my boat, handling my gear, and I'm sure they will want to be drinking, as I have never have allowed alcohol on my boat before, we drink when we are done has always been my saying.... any thoughts, Rick
  18. We got about 4-6" here in st marys pa, where do you put 26" of snow??
  19. I Have talked with the raymarine tech and they tell me to move the transducer again, also the maps were suppose to have a one ft. contour lines and i could not get hardly any contours, they told me it was in the settings but after several times trying to find them, I quit and just used my hds-8.. I thought of a thru hull ducer but I trailer and also they dont have a chirp thru ducer.. I am looking at the lowrance or humming bird units and may yank this off.. just frustrated with it, i never had to move a transducer so many times and this is my fourth boat...I can say it was nice for connecting to my autopilot, and i did like the touch screen..
  20. I have a a98 that I got new last year, couldnt get the maps to work even after 2 new cards sent to me. I also cant mark anything over 10 mph, I know, move the transducer... done that many times.. I dont like it and am thinking of taking it back off... I am glad I left my lowrance hds-8 on also, I used it for the map... Rick
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