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  1. I take my 2001 striper to Anchor marine in erie pa., certified mechanic... No back yard mechanic will ever touch any of my boats again, lesson learned the hard way.
  2. Tried to post video but didnt work, we fished Geneva, Its on fire now, we usually fish around walnut creek.
  3. First trip out so I took the boat to erie for walleye, Great day on the water and ended with 11 for 15. Watch out, that deck is slippery.
  4. I would check the post on ohiogamefishing.com . look at lake erie fishing reports, lots of good info here, Just like this site only for walleyes in erie western side. good luck Rick
  5. Go to seastriper.com, Its a striper owners club, ask there or do a search, I have a 2001, 2600 with a 320 hp I/o and fish erie for eyes mainly, It handles great, runs at top speed of 45 mph, trolls at 1.5 and is serviced by the local marina there. no issues, just a solid lake boat. we love it. good luck with yours. Rick
  6. Just saw a tiller 9.9 honda listed on pennswoods.net, -free classified,- boat motor and gear. $ 1100. good luck
  7. wow,, maybe thats why this was left on the boat when I purchased it ?? thanks for the info..
  8. This was on a boat purchased and powered up, antenna was bad and I only used a g.p.s. anyway so I took it off, unit is in good condition, buyer will pay shipping. $100.00
  9. I run a 26' striper with a 320 hp I/O, single prop. I troll with two bags out (one 28" bag on each side) of my boat with no problems getting down to even a 1.3 -1.5 mph, this is speed on gps and fish hawk. We mainly fish erie eyes near walnut creek running reef runners at 1.8 to 2.0. Good luck Rick
  10. I get the marine anti freeze, its green and also protects to a lower temp. May cost more but worth peace of mind when temps drop to - #. I also saw this when I moved my boat and raised the front, I have an I/O so must have been in motor and drained out as all was good the folowing year, Hope your ok.. Rick
  11. I am looking for a swim platform for our 2001, 2600 striper, It should be about 86" long and 18 wide. If you have something for this boat or close to this size, PM me. thanks Rick
  12. It is a cable steer and installed was about - $3000.00, They also installed the sensor for the out drive to tell its position to the computer,( mind drew a blank on what this is called), If it is installed by a raymarine tech the waranty extends to three years.
  13. I have a sport pilot plus that was just installed on my striper 2600, It was installed by anchor marine in erie pa, They are certified raymarine techsand installers. I also had them put one on my last boat, a 267 four winns, we fish erie for eyes mostly and it works great but is noisy, I think it has handeled 3-4 ft. seas or calm just fine and you can adjust sensitivity for calm seas to. I bought the first one for a mothers day gift for my wife, ya she was not impressed and said she was not needed to fish anymore, Than we fished the first time using it. now she tans on the bow and I watch the poles. Good luck with yours.
  14. I have a used one that came off my four winns 267 quest, It had a 350 mercruiser (260 hp) and alpha. I put a new prop on when i had enguine rebuilt and out drive rebuilt, It has some nicks but fine. $40 plus shipping.
  15. I have a set that I just purchased on here used this spring but decided to order complete track and holders, You can have them for $50.00 plus shipping. I also have a set of 4' track and 4 holders per side for sale now. Let me know Rick
  16. I have a Lowrance x125 that was used for two years than kept for a spare. It works good and looks good, was always pulled from boat and stored inside camper or house. never towed with it in the boat. $$ 150.00$$ comes with mount, new power cord and new transducer. I also have a X-15 mt that came from a boat that I just purchased, It shows 650 hrs on the unit and looks good,works good. It comes with a mount, cover and g.p.s. antenna. There is no power cord or transducer.$$150.00$$
  17. I emailed owner and boat only has 325 hrs., bottom paint done every year and is now removed, all work has been done by authorized mercruiser marina. This is a nice looking boat.
  18. My name is Rick and the new boat ( a 2001, 2600 striper is named Reel Overtime).I am a contractor from St Marys PA and I have fished on charters out of the oak named Battle fish and more recently Pieceses with capt. Butch. I have trolled Erie walleye for 15 years and now want to fish onterio salmon also,I have been on this site almost everyday trying to learn more. everyone is great with there feedback. I just need to change up some rod and reels and we will see you this summer, I can't wait for spring.
  19. I had a shoot thru on my 267 four winns and hooked to a lowarence 15mt than switched to a hds 8 and i liked it allot, I trolled for walleye in erie mostly and liked the fact that i didn't track balls off riggers all day. It was a lowarence ducer and I mounted it in the forward bilge.
  20. Thanks for the replys, We plan to fun fish the oak, no charter,or tourney, I have plans on adding a fish hawk speed&temp, we run double dippsys each side in erie and sounds like all i need there is to add two rod and reels with a wire lines? What rod and reel would be good for this? I do have two eagle med 10' rods that i can add reels with 20# or 30# line for riggers, Now what rod and reel will be good for the 300 copper? What reel would be a good choice for the rigger rod? I run mostly all okuma 30s. thanks Rick
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