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  1. I have the 5 position adjustable, ones with a knob to pull out and adjust holder, 90deg. on my boat is too low with rod draging and leaning out into water and first pin is up a little too high,.. Rick
  2. I do run two on one side, Riggers in the corner, If I move the trax tech down to straight out the rod is too low, If I move it up one click, Its too high.. Just looking for something and found the cisco... I do really like my trax-tech, solid built, full length track (5') along entire side of boat..and rigger swivel mount too.. Thanks for reply so far, keep them coming, just thought Id show my set-up Rick
  3. Cradle style rod holders Has anyone used these for dippsys? I have trax tech on my boat and I cant get the dippsy rods down to the right angle close to the water, also they are hard to get out when a fish is on... I see cisco has some and they look to be just about right... any one have thoughts... Thanks Rick
  4. I love mine, I have five ft of track on each side of my boat, it holds the rigger in the back , 4 separate rod holders and a raised triple holder per side.. Good luck Rick
  5. I use a mix of apple and maple wood, just apple is a strong smoke... Good luck Rick
  6. i have a sport pilot also, the gray unit is repairable was what I was told, mine is sent in... Rick
  7. I.M.O. it would be up to the guy who broke it to fix... Raymarine still repairs the gray colored units, I just sent mine in.. Good luck Rick
  8. Im looking for the best way to steer the kicker? I have a cable steer I/O with a raymarine sport pilot, it wont work with the main engine not running, I think I need a stand alone steering option. Thanks Rick
  9. I recently got a kicker to put on my 26'striper boat and it has a 350 I/O, How will it be best to hook up steering for this??? With the main motor off, there will be no power steering, also this is a cable steer boat??? The kicker is a honda with remote controls.
  10. Raymarine will repair the sport pilot that is gray in color but will not repair any black ones, I just took my 4 yr old unit out to send in to them for repair. you can call them and double check the info I was told...
  11. electric planer reels, Ill take them, pm me, Rick
  12. how small do you want, this is a 2600 striper, 26' long Rick
  13. This looks like the perfect boat for the great lakes, what are you looking to down size too? Im looking to go up, Rick
  14. Reel Overtime

    for sale : usa 2006 Baha 286 Sport Fish

    Nice ride, why are you selling?, (downsizing maybe) are you willing to trade ? I have a 26' striper !! + cash..., Rick
  15. I am looking into the octopus s drive for my helm, hope it can connect to my raymarine control p70r and get rid of the sport pilot, it has only been on for 4 yrs and getting tight. Rick
  16. I have a striper 2600, troll with bags , one off each side, motor is a 5.7, 350, v8.. we fish erie eyes all day at 2.0-2.3, I think we have the 28" bag tied to side cleat.. Good luck. Rick
  17. my girl was more expensive, likes to fish, drove good too, married her, now she has an auto pilot.... just get the auto pilot...
  18. I caught a laker in lake Erie while fishing for walleyes that looked just like yours, small head and big football body, nice catch
  19. I used core cell to re do my fish box lids, at first i thought no way will this be strong but after you seal it in its solid and will never rot. I got it from Jamestown distributors, good luck Rick
  20. Look at it this way, my boat is still winterized and wont see water till late june due to work, If your boat ran good, sun was shining and catching fish is optional, you had a great day, I mowed lawn... tight lines.. Rick
  21. Done with lowrance, go to raymarine a98, its a 9" touch, chirp down.
  22. I just got a A98 and yet to install, now i cant wait to try it, this should hook right up to my auto pilot, nice screen shot chas, I am so done with lowrance hds 8
  23. I am done with lowrance, just got me a raymarine a98 touch, chirp, cant wait to try, best prices I found were at Anchor express.com. Good luck Rick
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