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  1. My daughters laker was 36" and 16 3/4 # caught in lake erie,
  2. to anyone who wants these, still for sale, as a set....
  3. These are not auto wind up... grab the handle and crank, they are steel or cast construction, like new...
  4. Please see the attached photos of the two Riviera Planer Reels. These are made of steel (not plastic) and come with line. I'm asking $125 for the set. You're welcome to call me at (814) 594-0998 to discuss. Thanks, Rick
  5. Please see the attached photos as I believe this is what you are looking for. I'm asking $100. You're welcome to call me at (814) 594-0998 with any questions, or PM me. Thanks, Rick
  6. I had looked at this while it was at arnies marine, nice one, they would not take a trade and when mine sold this was gone... I would trade you my 2001 striper 2600 for it, lets talk.. 350 I/o, sport pilot, trax tech, X4 temp, big jon riggers, trailer.....
  7. I have noticed the same thing with mine, tight after a day trolling but good next day, Im going to wait untill fall to send in so im not with out an autopilot.... mine is three yrs old..
  8. Thanks for the replys so far, I just did the up date from the lowrance web site, changed the ducer setting to a p-66 and also changed to a slow troll setting, unit was clear in marina, clear while idleing out, clear if i reved engine up, but screen changed colores as we picked up speed, I never lost bottom running at 30 mph but you will never see fish...I am headed up this weekend and will re wire direct to battery and adjust sensitivity lower for 200 hz, It did seem to be about the 900 to 1100 rpm that the screen got funny so next will be a transducer move away from outdrive, I can only move over about 4" and than it will hit a trim tab, not sure how close to this i can go... Thanks for all your help Rick
  9. There is a fuse block wired direct to battery, this has My fish finder, garmen gps, marine radio and fish hawk wired to it... the down riggers are wired direct to battery at the same location... this was installed by the marina when they did the auto pilot... should I seperate...??? Thanks Rick
  10. After reading this tyee tanic, I think i need to check the electrical, I had it re wired from the local marina while it was there, not sure if it is right...
  11. I have a lowrance hds-8 and last year changed the ducer to a airmar p 66, the screen is clearer while trolling in the 50 hz, but when i troll at a faster speed or throtle up to go we have alot of interferance, I was thinking of going to an airmar b 164 thru hull, (lowrance recomended) any thoughts or suggestions.???..I troll with the main motor and bags... Ready for something, new ducer, new fishfinder, something,, just not happy with this set up.... Thanks Rick
  12. we have one, used it one time.. just didnt seam to do what i thought it would, only stays on for like 45 seconds.... not enought time to get your lure out.. love the fish hawk x4 for the rigger, good luck Rick
  13. Thanks for the video, I was tired of taking dippsys off each time out.
  14. sent you a PM. I am interested
  15. When I purchased the boat, I had a computer scan done of motor and it showed about 900 hrs., I probably put 200-300 more on it... Boat was just dropped off at anchor marine in erie PA. for its winter maint/service...Boat was new in Michigan and used for trolling salmon there. Great running with no issues, Just ran on erie for eyes yesterday(Sat.) great day on the lake... Thanks Rick
  16. I am very interested in this swim platform. Please call me at (814) 594-0998. Thank you, Rick.
  17. for sale, a 2001, Striper 2600, 26' striper , 320 hp, 350 Volvo, I/O sx drive, in floor fish boxes, wash down, port a jon, live well, trax tech rod holders, 2 big jon down riggers, big jon planer set up on arch, Lawrence hds 8, garmin gps, ray marine auto pilot, fish hawk x4, marine radio, tandem trailer, tows easy with 1/2 ton truck, runs great, just want to go bigger, $28,000.00 Call Rick 814-594-0998
  18. toying with the Idea of selling mine,. Its a 2001, 2600 sea swirl striper, 320 hp, 350, I/O volvo, sx drive, would need $ 28,000.00... complete with in floor fish boxes, trax tech holders, 2 big jon riggers, big jon planer set-up on arch, wash down, port a jon, canvas top with sides, ray marine auto pilot, Lowrance hds 8, garmen gps, marine radio, fish hawk x4, tandem trailer, great condition, runs great, my wife tows this with her 1/2 ton chevy, I just wanting to go bigger, Thanks Rick
  19. Hi Thun, Don't feel bad about the phone, Last week in Erie my wife lost hers out of her shirt pocket while setting a drift bag, down it went... also lost a line counter rod when the planer line grabbed it.. ya long week there. not the first and wont be the last, some just don't admit it. Rick
  20. I had this issue with my past boat, a 86, 350, thought I would save some money and bought a carb off E-bay, not. after sending the first one back and the second one just burning fuel like no tomorrow and still stalling, I had a local marina do a rebuild and electric choke on the original. cost less and ran like it should. good luck Rick
  21. I have a hds 8 and installed a p-66, call air-mar and they can help, I went with 50/200 but mainly fish erie for eyes, works great and cleared up the screen. good luck Rick
  22. I had this with our old boat, cleaned all grounds, looked at all wires, drove me nuts only to find the battery switch was bad/shorted out. good luck
  23. Well now, when I called traxtech company to price the complete set-up for my boat, the girl on the phone was very nice, priced the 5' tracks, 8 adjustable holders, and two swivel rigger bases. This complete boat set was discounted and as I compared prices on the net were in line. I say call traxtech, good quality, fair price, I love mine.
  24. I also just out fitted my new to me 2600 striper with a complete trax tech set up, solid quality, I went with 5' long tracks on each side, two swivel rigger mounts, and rod holders, I also run two dippsys and three planer rods per side. I love this set up. Good luck with yours Rick
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