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  1. will you ship to bama great looking spoons for sure :yes:what spoon blanks are they made from
  2. heck wont eat a carp but will drool over a cold water sucker what have we become , and yes suckers are that good out of cold wat er
  3. this is why we used fixed sliders problems like the lure sliding down the line dont occure until a fish hits it and you can stack 1,2 ,3 or 4 if you want the headache after a fish also since they dont slide free at the strike more fish are hooked solid than with free sliders ..
  4. why not used fixed sliders so you can stack more than one and know what depth they are alberta clippers work great for this ... have a great season and good luck
  5. Hey Nick ; not to well liked on hear at times ,but great vid and looks like all had a fun time for sure ..good luck on the rest of the year
  6. LMAO guess panfisher is right a little nutty but cool in a way avid hunter and fisherman have been for about 45 out of 51 years and some acuse me of being pita ,what a joke .. hope all have a fantastic season and a safe one .. see you next derby with that radio with the little off button ,, and as far as being pita please bite me on that one get rid of all the technoligy and go old school good fishing to all EVEN MOWER ...
  7. ok lets get this straight i do know old school i was pulling copper and seth green rods before i was 10 and lived on seneca for over 21 years still fish it and have a great time i think the only post worth a dang on hear so far was the one that said fishing and bs go hand in hand .. to those that need to boat fish for a client i am glad you are able to boat alot of fish but just have never been a numbers man //// AS FOR MOWER I WOULD LOVE THE OPERTUNITY TO FISH AGAINST HIM ANY DAY FOR FUN OR CASH .. HIM AND I HAVE DUELLED ON THIS SITE BEFORE AND SHOULD SETTLE IT ON THE WATER I THINK ... a one day derby for 2 boats now thats sport one winner one losser both a good day on the water ,,, dont get your feathers ruffled boys i love to have fun on hear to those i offended im sorry !!!!!!
  8. dont know about the teath but have noodled catfish in bama does that count .. not as much fun as one would think a 20 lb cat on the end of your hand but much better than a snapper or cotton mouth for sure
  9. to the blue gost congrats and yes you beet me and many others and to be honst im glad you placed and i am guessing you wernt one on the radio all day long on the radio braging about your big pig fish or the one you just lost at the back of the boat weighing 10 lbs .. to be honest was supprised to place but work our butts off to do it ,,what some mistake for ego on hear and like some we didnt catch 30 or 40 just 9 or 10 a day that were nice fish better luck next year and hope you win it for sure good luck
  10. I think all the replies are rather amusing for sure .. i remeber a post several weeks ago a man said it was only his second time fishing seneca and was looking for advise about it a captain from seneca told him IN 4 OR 5 HRS YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD 30 FISH ON HANG IN THEIR IT WILL COME TO YOU !!!!it was amusing for sure as i have fished besides this man on several ocasions for miles on the lake and as of yet have yet to see him boat a fish ... i listened to fellows that acording to the radio and some fellows never went more than 5 minutes a day whithout hooking up realy ???? ohhhh and never less than a 10 pounder on ,come on ....the problem is peaple that dont know any better take all this to heart and then think they cant fish .... ohhh and by the way I have fished seneca for the last 45 years and dont ask for much help it is my job to figure it out that day thats the fun in it be it 20 fish or a skunk and by the way i have more fun watching others real in the fish after they are hooked i like to watch and net
  11. no im not angery at all and lived on the lake for years just tired of all the gods walking the water ,,, boated 30, 40 or more hell we had a great time and yes we patted ourselves on the back for sure ... just tired of all the bull until it conts and then they couldnt bring it ,,not to mention all the bull ahhhh we just lost a 10 at the back of the boat never saw it but it was huge hell if i could weight a fish whithout catching it i would realy pat my back .....
  12. Well after a 1200 mile trip and only 3 days of pre fishing of which one was a skunk all went well for the derby.. We ended up placing my fatherinlaw norm saltsman in 5th place in the brown trout division !!! and we had fun fishing with our team AND WE DID IT ALL OLD SCHOOL BIG BOARDS FLAT LINE AND GOOD LURE CHOICES IN FRONT OF THE FISH ...We didnt boat 30 or 40 fish a day nor did we fish from sunrise to sunset ..what we did was fish old school and tried to keep the dinks to minimal numbers .. it was a derby numbers were unimportant . Quality on the other hand wins derbies ... HAD A GREAT TIME AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE WHO FISH NEXT YEAR ...
  13. not sure was up three weeks ago getting ready for the trout derby inlaws had a starling problem being one to never give uo on a little fun i went to but a single shot 20 and help them out ,,, gun dealer told us this had to have a inlaw but the gun ..and asked bass pro they confirmed it .. good old california wanna be !!! what will be next cant haul wood cant burn what next for the nanny state oh and need certified bait dang almost forgot that one
  14. have a buddy restoring a eagle 25 footer can you please tell me about the roller and brush method he has to paint and remove those danged pinstnstipes decals to thank you
  15. How did the sportsmen of ny let a law get through that dosent let any out of staters buy shotguns or rifles in your state ??? I lived their for years and about twice a year those politicians in albany remind me how ignorant they can be .. think a few more mom and pop shops will dissapear because of this dumb ass law ... and no one seems to know about it but the gun shop ownwers ,, god bless alabama were we are still free to buy guns and protect our property another dumb ass law to put gun shops out of the empire state
  16. If a fellow had only one week for fall fishing out of faihaven for kings and browns what would that week be ??? know weatyher and cold fronts change it all but in general when would be his best chanse at having some luck .. Thanks in advance
  17. yes me to hoping the lake settles down some before i make the 1000 mile trip to fish the derby ,, hope all have a fun and productive 3 days of fishing .. hope to chat with you all bottom bouncer boat and crew
  18. I agree with the maxima line a little pricey but will get you through a whole season of hard fish fighting ... but i am afraid it wont do much for you after the fleas take over of course 30 lb mono dosent work as good as it once did .. at least with wire you can rub the fleas on it and cut them off /// or just stop fishing the first part of june cant wait to see what the next pain in the ass is they dump in the lakes from over seas .. at least we never get bored always something trying to ruin the fishing on the big o and finger lakes
  19. this alabama rig keeps coming up i am from bama and get up their to fish if points are a problem the rig is run without hooks on all but the center rig wich is longer than the rest and has the kook can you imagine 5 hooks and a angry king in the net all the time poor hands will take an ass wooping godd luck on your season
  20. work great behind spin doctors to peaple get used to running flies behind attractors and dont try anything else pitty they are missing out on a good bite
  21. depends fishing one body of water or several diffrent ones NK 28S and spin doctors and of course a full fuel tank ohhhhhhhhh abd NEVER LEAVE HOME WHITHOUTSMELLY JELLEY ULTRA SMELT NEVER GO WHITHOUT IT ...... great season on the water to all
  22. nope not every flaw just those peaple can use to win out of no were with / 5 carp would dust 5 trout and they are dec legal ...Why to you think rules are so complex nowadays but sorry wont pic at them anymore
  23. Yes dont forget the plug heck to see a tackle box floating and then figure out its yours ...not alot of fun draining the boat before you fish and remember the plug ... and yes must fess it was me on a bad day of fishing
  24. thank you all good advise and caution always seems to be the word of the day on ontarie just not alot of fun getting a hole in the boat after driving 1000 miles for sure ..always a plusure to get advise from those that work the lake thank you once again and as always have a great season
  25. dosent say weather fish need to be legal trout or carp makes a huge diffrence
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