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  1. selling for a friend feel free to call or txt 315-729-2448 will knock off some $ for pick up Wolcott sodus bay Oswego area. lot 1 42 shipped lot 2 16 shipped lot 3 14 shipped lot 4 24 shipped lot 5 12 shipped lot 6 13 shipped lot 7 14 shipped lot 8 42 shipped lot 9 14 shipped lot 10 12 shipped
  2. I have to black big john single rod holders for 100.00 used 1 season. I also have 2 single gold big john rod holders 1 of which needs a few parts fo 70.00 dollars and I have 2 cabelas quick draw with scotty down rigger bases for 75.00
  3. Would u wanna sell any of your tekotas ? Looking for 2 500 and 2 600 ?
  4. Honistly deer are a nuisance nys is over populated and causing thousands of dollars a yr to my family farm in my area we have a lot of people that shoot everything and makes them happy or provides for there famy it's personnel preference I choose not to shoot a buck unless I'm putting it on the wall but if someone else wants to shoot a spike horn god bless them to be able to do that last thing I want to see is more laws more regulations just so you can brag u shot a big buck you want qdm buy yourself property and fence it in but don't tell me or anyone else what they can and can't shoot
  5. I have 2 single big john gold rod holders one needs a new bolt and bushing that you can get right from big john 60 for the pair. I have 2 single big john holders painted black for 75 for the pair and I have 2 cabelas quick draw with scotty down rigger mounting plates for 50 for the pair.
  6. located sodus bay board is like 12 x 32 i think i can measure tomorrow
  7. I have to single gold big john holders one needs some parts 70 for both and I have 2 black big john singles that are both in working order 100 for both and I have 2 cabelas quick draw holders with scotty downrigger mounting plate for 75 for the pair.
  8. I have a fillet board for sale 70.00 with a gimbal mount
  9. I have 2 gold quad big john horizontal tree holders for 225.00 each. I have 2 single gold big john rod holders one needs to be fixed 70.00 for the unbroken one and 35.00 for the broken one. I have 2 black big john single holders 50.00 each. I also have 2 cabelas quick draw rod holders with scotty down rigger adapter plate for 60.00. local pick up preferred. sodus bay Oswego area but I will ship at buyers expense. call me or txt 315-729-2448.. .
  10. No one touches my boat but hank
  11. I have 2 gold big john quad horizontal trees for sale 315-729-2448
  12. I have 2 8ft downrigger rods used 1 season and 2 10'6ft dipsey rods that have never seen the water 25 each local pick up preffered but will ship at buyers expense 315-729-2448. sodus bay oswego area
  13. scottys are the only way too go even blacks are a pain theres no having to adjust scottys tension is determined on how far you bury the line in the release and you dont have to put any twist in the line.
  14. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:my way ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/8 Time on Water:5am-1pm Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 2-4 Surface Temp: 70 Location:sodus LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 24 Total Boated:15 Species Breakdown:kings, steelhead Hot Lure: green/green glow Trolling Speed: 2.4-2.8 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 150-225 Lure Depth: 75-95 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Another great day for my way charters boated 8 majors 2 teenagers a 1 chick thru back a couple small ones and kept a 13lb and a 10lb steely. Lost a couple real nice fish 50ft from boat but all in all great day had some out of state guys they all had a blast biggest fish of the day was a 26lb king ran my riggers anywhere from 75-95 down ran my divers from 262-312. fished a combo of spoons and flies didnt really seem to matter mostly all green/green glow took a couple on hammer fly and a pro am. ====================
  15. I will take one if you still have materials
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