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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: DukDog ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: 14 hours total Weather/Temp: 40s and 50s Wind Speed/Direction: Northwest and 15 plus Waves: 1 to 3 Surface Temp: 46 Location: Mexico Bay off Catfish Creek and Pleasant Point LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 18 Total Boated: 12 Species Breakdown: 10 Brown, 2 Smallies Hot Lure: Stinger Orange Killer Trolling Speed: 2.1 Down Speed: 1.3 to 1.5 Boat Depth: 10 to 25 feet Lure Depth: 5 to 11 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== My buddy and I got into them pretty good over the Easter weekend. Got to our target lake late in the day on Friday and managed 4 fish before dark. 3 to 6 pounds and fat as footballs! Saturday was unfishable as the winds had the waves pushed up to 3 to 4 feet. We gave it a shot later in the day but quit right away. Just not a day to be on the water. Easter Sunday was a different story and as I set the second rigger, the first one fired!! I handed the rod to my buddy and immediately, the second rigger fired. A nice double on a pair of fat 3 pounders. We trolled up another 3 before noon when we quit for lunch and a nap. Afternoon was slow but we managed to fill our limit on our last pass as the wind was again driving us off the lake. Great trip but as with all early April fishing, the weather can be a spoiler. Water temps were 46 at the surface, 44 at the ball. We ran riggers at 7' and 11' feet. The planer boards did well on Friday but were absolutely dead on Sunday. 7 of our 10 fish came on Stinger Orange Killer spoons, the others came on Stinger chicken wings and a Smithwick rattling rogue in a clown pattern. We missed 5 or 6 hits but landed everything else including 2 nice smallmouth about 3 pounds. Again, the new handrail that I added to the boat proved to be a super addition in rough water. It made things a lot more comfortable and secure when setting riggers and boards. I'm thinking of adding side wings to it soon.
  2. Those are some really nice browns on the front of the table!!!! I appreciate the report!!! I'm dragging over on Friday to fish a couple days. I could use some action like that to get over the winter doldrums!!!!
  3. Sounds great Kevin! If you're interested in some eiders, Maine is definitely the spot and I can hook you up! My main hunting buddy owns a big garden center on the coast and when he shuts it down in the fall, we hunt 4 or more days a week!!
  4. Yeah its a regular 60 and a hi thrust 8 hp. I bought this boat first and foremost as a duck boat. I hunt regular ducks and seaducks out of it and it works great. I've got a Mud buddy quick flip blind for it and a Lund dog dock. We also can pack my buddies layout boat into it and use the Lund as a tender and retrieving boat. Here's a picture of the boat in ducking trim.
  5. Nice bunch of browns!!! I've got an 18 foot Alaskan and know just what you mean!! The fun goes out for me when it gets that rough! I've taken a couple over the bow and that's not something I want to experience again. Big swell doesn't bother me but 2 footers are about my comfort limit especially when fishing alone. I don't know if you saw it but here's a picture of a handrail I installed on my Lund. It's really added to my comfort level when setting riggers or netting fish..
  6. I fished the boat on Sunday in Sebago Lake here in Maine. That rail is awesome. I used to have to kneel to set my rigger releases. Now I can lay my gut on top of the rail and save me knees!!! The guys with me thought it was tops! It's definitely one of the best additions I've made to my boat!
  7. I crafted this unit up out of SpeedRail fittings and 1 and 1/4" aluminum pipe. Really rugged and just right for keeping me from falling overboard when fighting and netting fish or setting downriggers. Getting older sucks! Using a handrail to prevent falls or helping yourself get up after setting riggers struck me as a good idea! Fairly inexpensive build at about $200. It even doubles as a footrest for the fighting chair!
  8. I'm headed over to fish the ides of march thru Saturday. Will report!
  9. It's what I learned to fish in Wisconsin!! It's great, 2 riggers, 2 dipsys, a pump handle down the middle and a copper on a board for a 2 man spread. Can't wait to try it on browns in the spring on big boards. That'll keep 2 guys hopping!!
  10. ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 8/16 to 8/18 Time on Water: 16 hours total Weather/Temp: Partly to mostly crappy Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 1 to 3 feet Surface Temp: 75 Location: Mexico Bay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 20 Total Boated: 13 Species Breakdown: 8 Kings, 4 Browns, 1 Slimer (Togue) Hot Lure: Green on Green Spin Doctor and fly, Big weenie XXX crybaby, green Howie fly, and A-Tom-mik green hammer. Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.3 GPS Down Speed: 1.4 to 1.6 on my Depth Raider. It usually reads 1.4 when I'm doing 2.2 on GPS Boat Depth: 100 to 130. Took one fish on 400' copper in 230 feet of water Lure Depth: 300 feet out on wire line #1 size dipsys with rings ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== I took my buddy Jeff and his 14 year old son Caleb over to New Haven for a few days on the Lake. We got an early start and drove over on 8/15 arriving at about 2 PM. The Lake was in terrible shape wind and wave wise and we hoped for better conditions for the next morning. It didn't happen and the lake still was too big for my 18 foot Lund Alaskan. Luckily, Landshark had given me a tip on where we could possibly get into a few walleyes and we made the drive to our Plan B. Conditions there were fishable but windy and we boated a mix of 1 walleye, 1 bass, and a couple pickerel. Being primed for Salmon we packed that in about 11AM and headed back for the big lake. Conditions had improved and we ventured out for a bouncy afternoon and evening. First hookup of the afternoon resulted in a 17 pound king for Caleb!! Shortly after that, we had another whack on the same firetiger dipsy with Spin Doctor and green Howie fly. That fish was a screamer and very rapidly ripped off a bunch of stainless before Jeff was able to put the brakes on it and start working it toward the boat. A couple of minutes later, the fish got off. I'm sure but the way it looked that that was a 20 pound plus king!! We wrapped up the first evening as the wind came up and the wave built some more. A very wet and wild run in was had by all as the side spray was blown back over the boat by the wind!! It actually felt pretty good with the high temps. Wednesday morning looked like it'd be pretty good, The lake was still choppy but better than the evening before. We went out to about 270 feet and I started setting gear. I ran out the copper and was starting to run out 17 colors of lead when the copper fired with a blue green dolphin spin doctor and a big weenie cry bay fly. I took the rod and landed a nice 14 pound king. From there things got slow. It was 10 AM before another fish took a bait and Jeff landed a 4 pound brown. We went in for lunch about noon and ran to town to gas up the boat. We all took a nap and rolled out about 3 to get after them again. The afternoon was a horse of a different color, It was awesome with a new fish on about every 20 to 30 minutes. Caleb started it out with a 7 pound King, Jeff landed an 18# king nudging out Caleb's 17# from the day before for big fish, I landed another 17# and then Caleb boated a 19# to retake the lead!! I boated a personal best 7# brown and then we had a double hookup for Jeff and Caleb! Jeff landed another 17# king and the kid's fish came off about 1/2 way in. Jeff's fish finished our limits so in we went, well satisfied with the day!! Thursday morning we rolled out extra early and were into the fish right away, I popped another 17# off a dipsy, G/G combo. We had 3 other fish on and lost them. One was a nice small king that took a green glow spoon at 99 feet on a rigger. When he hit the surface, he made a wild sideways dash and wrapped himself up in the the port side wire line dipsy cable. He flopped hard for a few seconds and was off. Caleb ended the day for us with a 10# Laker at 9 AM and we headed for the camp to pack up and drive home. It was a great trip with some nice fish! Here's a few pictures of the action.
  11. I'm driving over from Maine and taking a buddy and his 12 year old son on their first Salmon adventure. My boat is and 18 foot Lund Alaskan and isn't too much fun to fish from when the waves get 2 feet and over. I'm looking for some other fishing options. A couple weeks back, we got a bad day on Lake O and went to Oneida Lake and got a nice mess of white perch and one keeper walleye. It wasn't salmon fishing but it was fun and we caught some fish. I've heard that Oneida can get pretty snotty too so I'm looking for alternatives. Can anyone suggest some other spots that might offer some semi protected areas. We're bringing some casting gear as a contingency. These guys just want to fish and are not fussy as long as they can get into something that tugs on the end of the line. I could use a few options. Thanks in advance..
  12. I think the number one weapon is your probe! find the temps and then some bait and you are in business. Sometimes a bunch of boats just means a bunch of boats. I was up a couple weeks ago and was told the Kings had all moved north into the trench off the bluffs. We were going out of Catfish Creek and all the boats around were pretty close inside. I ran out to 100 feet, started setting gear and started trolling out deeper. We hit fish at about 120, a double hookup, a 19# king and a 6# brown. Next 3 fish were kings, another 19, a 16 and a 7, we got one more 5# brown. Everyone was targeting browns because they thought the kings had gone north. I opted to shoot for kings because my boys said they rather catch something big than just catch something. It worked out and we looked pretty good at the cleaning station.
  13. Thanks for the report! Looks like there are some bigger fish out there if you get the spot. I'm a big fan of my depth raider. I think you're absolutely blind with out a probe of some sort. 45 to 47 seems to work best for me.
  14. Looking good, I love posing in front of that sign!! Good job on the browns. I'll be back over on the 15th
  15. It's always a hoot to meet someone from the forum! I don't know when I'll make it up again. Early goose season is closing in (Sept 1st) and I'm getting all my gear ready to go. Also have a scouting trip planned to check out the birds up north and get permission on some properties up there. My eyes are almost tearing up as I'm taking the rods out of the boat and putting them in their racks!!!
  16. Too bad we missed meeting up! I think one of your guys took a couple pictures for us. I love that place. Hope we see you on the pond!
  17. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Weather made things less than perfect but still a super trip. I finished up my last day of work on Friday morning by sending in my time sheet to the main office. Then it was hook up the boat and off to Mexico, N.Y. for my Retirement kick off Vacation. When got up to camp around noon, I put the boat in the water and decided to run to one of the bait shops in Pulaski, Fat Nancy's. There I found out that there was a tournament the next day and by the time I was driving back to camp I had decided it would be a fun waste of money to enter my team into the fray! I stopped at Jon's little salmon bait shop in New Haven and signed up. I had spent the rest of the afternoon getting all the rods out and the boat rigged for Saturday mornings assault on the Lake. My Boys got into Catfish Creek about 5PM just in time roll over the the Tournament Captain's meeting at Mikes Marina. It was then that we learned that there were 110 boats and teams entered! This definitely was looking like a waste of time and money for one guy with limited experience and his 2 sons with no salmon fishing experience at all. Saturday we were on the water at 5 AM and ready to start setting lines at 0530. We ran out to 100 feet, we deployed the big planer boards and I had Chris run out 400 feet of copper with a spin doctor and a A-tom-mik green hammer fly and send it out on the port side. Next he set with a 42 second spoon on a full core of lead off the other board. Then the Starboard side got a firetiger #1 Dipsy with a dark green spin doctor with glow on one side, chrome on the other and a puke green colored fly that I had in my box from back on Lake Michigan. That line no more than hit the water when the copper fired and the fight was on. Chris had a nice fish on the line and as he was battling that, the 42 sec spoon took a whack and Steve was hooked up. After about 15 minutes and quite a tussle, Chris landed a 19 pound 6 oz king! Steve followed up with a 6 pound brown! We redeployed our lines and finished setting up the full 6 rod program. It wasn't long before we had another king smash a bait and it was my turn to wrestle another 19# king to the boat and into the fish box. By now we're dreaming and starting to talk about maybe winning the tournament. Just like buying a in the ground ticket for a 200 million dollar price, we were dreaming about how to spend the money. We had 2 more kings come the the boat in rapid fashion, one 16# and another 7#. By 0645 we had 5 of the 6 fish we needed and 4 were kings. The Sixth fish didn't come that easily and it wasn't until about 1030 that we finally boated another brown of about 5+ By this time the lake was blowing up pretty good and fishing was getting uncomfortable, We probably had the smallest boat out there and we stuck it out as long as it was prudent We folded up at about 1230 and headed for Walmart for a bigger cooler to take to the weigh in. We showed up for the weigh in at 1:30 and we were in 3rd out of about 25 boats that had weighed in at that time. We were encouraged and took off for lunch. When we came back at 3:30 we found out we had ended up in 18th out of 110 boats. We were pretty pleased that 3 relative rookies could do that well considering how many good charter captains we were lucky enough to beat out. We ended up winning $100 for placing 18th and the tournament paid down to 33rd. Sunday dawned with nasty winds and we tried to make a run out but quickly turned around when it was obvious it wasn't happening for us on the big lake that day. We broke out the light rods and the in line planer boards and headed for Oneida Lake. We went out and fished with crawler harnesses and inline boards and caught 2 Walleyes (1 keeper) and about a dozen white perch and one 5 # catfish. It was fun fishing until the wind came up and spoiled it for us again. We had a big afternoon nap and I got up and cleaned the fish and we had them for dinner with fresh sweet corn and hash browns with vidala onions!! It was awesome if I do say so myself! Monday morning found us out with the 6 rod program at 0530 again on the big lake. The sky looked awful and as the sun started to come up in the east, a rainbow formed in the west in the impending rain. It started pouring and the only thing that kept it sane was the bimini. We rode this out until the wind starting coming up pretty fast so we hauled lines and headed in. We drove around touring the area and ended up having a great late breakfast at Mom's diner in Pulaski! My western omelet was awesome! The boys decided to pack it in and head for home a day early as more bad wind and weather was predicted. We didn't expect the lake to lay down in the afternoon so we pulled the boat out of the water and packed it in. They headed for home. I called my buddy who was due up the next day and cancelled on him due to predicted high winds and thunderstorms for the next 3 days. I ate lunch and laid on the couch to watch some TV and promptly took a nap! When I got up about 4, I decided to throw the boat in the water and run down the creek and look at the lake. To my surprise it had laid down pretty well and so I ran about 6 miles out to deep water. I set up my 2 dipsy lines and commenced to troll. After about 1/2 an hour the wind was coming up hard again and so I started heading west with the wind as I started picking up my lines. When the first was in, I decided not trip the dipsy on the other right away, I would just hold the rod a minute and pump it up and down a few times. On the third rise, Whammmmm! Fish on! And I knew it was a good one. 20 minutes and several drag screeching runs, I got the fish to the boat. I was running a lot of leader behind the dipsy so I had to wear him out pretty good and then put the rod in a forward rod holder while I took the net and bagged him over the stern.. It went great and he was soon flopping in the bottom of the boat. A few well applied whacks to the top of his head with a fish billy calmed him down for the dehooking process. I grabbed my scale and tossed him on. He came in at a whopping 20 pounds 6 ounces, a personal best for me!! Though I didn't get as many day's in as I would have liked, I had a super time. I can't wait to go back. When you fish Lake Ontario, you always have to know that because of the weather, you may not get to fish. I had a great time on Saturday jawing with another forum member Rock Bottom for most of the morning. We kept each other posted on what was working and where on channel 68. Another fun moment was running into Gottabite in Jons Little Salmon. We were both shopping stinger lures and I asked him if he knew what a 42 second looked like. He showed me and then we started to STS. I mentioned I had an 18 foot Lund and he looked at me and asked. "Are you Dukdog? " We had quite a laugh over knowing each other on the forum and running into each other in a bait shop. Here's a selection on pictures from the trip.. First morning, double hookup First 2 aboard Battling in my first king, a 19 pounder. Ready to head for the weigh in Tote board at Tournament, Team Dukdog taking 18th with 6 fish and 70.8 pounds Walleye and white perch and the filet pile they made! Yumm! A little in line board video click on picture to run video. The #1 producer for us this week A net full of King! My last minute fish and new personal best! The Aftermath!! 2 nice filets!!
  18. Awesome report. I'll be fishing out of Catfish Creek next week starting on Saturday. I'm retiring from my job on Friday and this is my retirement kick off trip!! My 2 boys are coming up for a few days and another buddy of mine is coming for the rest of the week.
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