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  1. I was recently making the same type of move that you describe. I wound up going with a Trophy Model 2002 (http://www.boattest.com/boats/Boat_video.aspx?ID=575) because my wife wanted to try a cuddy cabin for an occasional overnight, but I also carefully considered a Proline 20DC (http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2001-Pro-Line-20dc-101839798) because it seemed to have a great combination of features. I hope this helps.
  2. These are pre-drilled for Walker Downriggers, but are big enough to fit other brands, too. Extremely sturdy aluminum with black powder coat. Fits all 30 degree rod holders. Tube length is 11.5" on long side and 10.5" on short side. $55 for the pair.
  3. I have three gently used Walker Downrigger Swivel Bases for sale. One is actually just a year old and all three are in excellent condition. These are about $100 new. I'm selling for $50 each or all three for $140. Pick up in Ithaca/Dryden/Lansing or mailed at buyer's cost. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. I don't know the guy selling it, but have the same boat. It is a model 2002, 21'7" long. If you look at the more recent Trophy Boats, the new model number is 2102, but it's the same boat because very little has changed with it in 10-15 years.
  5. Sorry. I have one, but have only used it once so far without a problem -- fingers crossed. Maybe disconnect it to try and force it to reset everything and then connect it again? If all else fails, the head unit detaches from the wires and comes off the mount very easily, maybe you got a lemon and can return it quickly and easily?
  6. Yep. It was definitely cold water. I found mostly 39-40.5. down south
  7. Thanks. With the improved water levels and the dredging at Myers, I am going to give it a shot there. It's closer to my boat storage anyway.
  8. Sweet. Thanks for the info guys.
  9. Anyone actually launched from Tremain in the last week or two? If so, how big is your boat? I'm looking to get out this weekend and I don't know whether to try Myers, Tremain, or drive all the way around to Taughannock. I'm in a 22' Trophy, so I should have 3' of water to be safe. I've looked at the current water level charts, but hoping for some on the water data, too.
  10. I'll second the Tohatsu Rec. You can get a brand new 8hp long shaft with Electric start delivered for $1900. http://www.onlineoutboards.com/Tohatsu-8-hp-Outboards.html
  11. There is a second feed off the top of the main fuel tank, but I elected to go with the easier option of connecting the fuel line for the kicker to the second output of the water/fuel separator that I use for the main motor (most have one line in with dual lines out). Kyle
  12. Hey Dave. I wanted a fixed mount and read about the strain that EZ steer can put on steering systems, plus the constant adjustments, so I decided to roll both the steering and the mount into one unit. The Remote Troll unit sets the motor back somewhere around 12" or so, just enough that I can tip the motor up all the way, but not so far that I can't reach the shift lever and electric start button. Here is a pic of another setup direct from the manufacturer's website showing a kicker on a Trophy with the motor tilted all the way up. http://www.remotetroll.com/products/RT-200-TL-W.php
  13. I believe a kicker is a great idea for anyone who trolls on big lakes because of both the safety factor and the gas savings. I just set up my new-to-me 2001 Trophy 2002 with a 9.8 Tohatsu on a fixed mount that also has wireless steering included. I also attached a Troll Master throttle so I can dial-in precise trolling speeds. Dying to get it out on the water... One thing I ran into, though, with the fixed mount was that I had to get an Extra Long Shaft to ensure that it would stay deep enough in the water during rough water. Here are a couple of pics.
  14. Thanks for all the tips, guys. Now to monitor the forecast...
  15. Actually, all the smaller Mercury motors are now made by Tohatsu. Essentially, the stickers and sometimes the handle is the only difference between them. The pricing is dramatically different, but you are really just paying for the Mercury brand and the Powerplant and just about everything else is exactly the same.
  16. Not sure that there will be any safe ice this coming weekend, so if I wanted to get out in the boat or from shore and try to get some perch for a nice fish fry, where might I try? I am closest to Cayuga, but could travel up to an hour. Thanks.
  17. It could be your lucky day. Go play the lottery today, Sean!
  18. I just added one of these units as a combination mount/steering device: http://www.remotetroll.com/. It looks and operates great on land, I just need to get out and test it in the water. I like the idea of not being tied to the steering wheel, but was not quite prepared to jump into an auto pilot.
  19. Appears to be sold and I have one person in line if it falls through for any reason. Will mark it Sold once paid for...
  20. Honestly not sure, Jay. I just checked and there are no markings on it. Sorry.
  21. This is a complete package in fantastic condition. The motor is a 2007 Mercury 9.9 Long Shaft Bigfoot with Electric Start and Controls. It looks great and is great mechanically, too. Compression checks out at just under 140 on both cylinders, purrs like a kitten, nearly perfect exterior -- awesome all around. This motor comes with everything you need -- brand new controls, steering arm, cables, 2 keys, manuals, gas tank, gas line, factory tool kit, extra spark plug, etc... You get everything that it comes with new, plus the appropriate cables and controls (which can be hard to pin down without going through a dealer!). This is being sold as a full package, ready to put on your boat. To buy all of this new would cost you about $3200-$3400. Selling for $1650. Check out the pictures to see the motor and everything that's included. Send me a PM or call me at 607. 793. 7317. Kyle
  22. This is a basic unit, but works just fine and is in nice shape, too. I have replaced this with a new unit and don't need two. It comes with the power cord, transducer/cable, and installation instructions, too. I also found a link to the instruction manual that should prove helpful to its new owner: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/73461/Humminbird-100sx.html#manual First $25 takes it. Please send me a PM. Kyle
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