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  1. Went out for the first time this year. Launched at Meyers at about 6:45am and fished until about 12:30 when the damn sailboats ran us out of the south end. Wow, they make it tough to have planer boards out when they are out there in the tight quarters of the south end in any kind of numbers! We fished from Bolton Point down south to the inlet and the trip can be summed up in two words -- Windy and Slow. The winds were whipping from the south, so there was quite a bit of debris up near Portland Point and the bay at the south end of Meyers, but not too much debris at the extreme south end. We had to fight the wind through most of the trip -- especially if we were north of the drop-off at the south end. Fishing was slow -- we only caught one fish -- a barely legal brown on a black and gold stick. Water surface temps varied from 36.9 degrees when we launched at Meyers to just over 44 degrees at the extreme south end near the inlet. The water didn't hit 40 degrees until we were in about 15' of water just north of the sailing center. We didn't target any lakers, just fished the top 20' of water with stick baits and a 4 color lead core. There was a lot of brown water down in the south end and that was where we picked up the one fish, but by the time we tried to head back through that same area about a half-dozen sailboats were coming at us from every angle and we had to make extreme course changes that don't work well with the program we were running. Rather than frustrate ourselves we decided to call it a day. On the plus side, it was way better than being at work, it was nice and warm, and no major troubles with the boat. Kyle
  2. Just curious, when is it a bad thing to have a motor with a slightly longer shaft than you really need? I understand why it would be bad to have one that does not sit deep enough in the water, but is it really such a problem to have one that rides a little deeper than you really need?
  3. Hi, I only have two batteries on board, but with the fishfinder/gps combo and the stereo and some lights on board, I wanted the ability to run these when anchored up without worrying about the batteries draining, so I bought a solar panel and a smart charger to split the charge between the batteries as needed. It works great -- kept my old batteries topped off all year long last year. They come in different sizes, but here is what I bought: http://www.amazon.com/CBC-GSP-6-Flexible-Solar-Panel/dp/B006GFPF30/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396458572&sr=8-1&keywords=ganz+solar http://www.amazon.com/CBC-GCC-D10A-Dual-Charge-Controller/dp/B007I6VSJ6/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1396458805&sr=8-10&keywords=ganz+solar
  4. No experience with that approach to be able to comment, but I run a wireless remote steering/mounting bracket combo on my kicker and I love it. Here is the link: http://remotetroll.com/
  5. Nice clean wiring setup. I've been looking at some type of a "plug and unplug" setup like that for my boat since it doubles as a pleasure craft. What kind of plugs did you use on the male and female ends and do you like how they worked out?
  6. Sorry, but this sold long ago. I should have marked it closed and will do so now. I did just see one on ebay if that helps you at all. I am selling a dual rod holder for a walker rigger if you need one of those...
  7. In my opinion there are just too many unknowns to jump into an old i/o system. Unless you are extremely familiar with i/o motors, outdrives, bellows, etc.. I would steer clear. You could repower your Trophy with a newer outboard engine and have a known commodity that you can rely on...
  8. The used rod holder is sold. Still have the new one available for $60 obo. Thanks
  9. Bump. These are still sitting on my workbench, so I've dropped the price.
  10. Heavy White Coated Anchor Chain. Bought this last summer and then decided to buy a type of anchor that is not supposed to be used with chain. Never used, but has a couple minor scuffs. $20. Blue Sea 12V Outlet. This is new. I bought it and it just didn't fit. Never got around to sending it back. $8 Moeller Brass Boat Bailer Drain Plug Also new, but sold the boat that this would have fit, so don't need it anymore. $4
  11. Selling a set of Windline Brand Adjustable Fender Holders for 7-9" fenders. These are stainless steel and include all hardware. Used, but in Excellent condition. These will keep your boat bumpers stowed safely out of the way while you are fishing or cruising. https://windline.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_79&product_id=103 Here are pictures of the actual ones. $75 for the pair. Pickup in Ithaca/Dryden or shipped at buyer's cost.
  12. I did not see a deer at all opening day and yesterday's winds and warm weather did not look too promising. Of course, I went out anyway, but I wasn't hopeful. I was looking uphill for a bit and when I turned back around to look downhill I saw a good buck had worked his way all the way across in front of me at about 60 yards. He stopped and I put the crosshairs of my slug gun on him at 60 yards, but there were a couple branches criss-crossing in front of him. I was not going to have a shot if he went another 10 yards, so I decided to squeeze one off where he stood. He jumped and started running downhill with his tail between his legs and I thought I had hammered him, but I figured I would take another shot just in case. Well, good thing I did because my first shot hit a branch and my second shot was the one that did the job. He only went about 50-60 yards total. He is a 10 point and by far my best deer ever. He was the only deer I saw all weekend, but luckily he was the right one.
  13. I bought this pair last year and used them early in the season and then purchased a track system and ratcheting rod holders for my boat and don't need these any more. They slide down into an in-gunnel rod holder and turn it into one facing straight back and one out to the side. They are white powder coat with inserts to protect the rod and keep it from slipping around. They also have a safety lanyard attached that you can attach to your rod/reel if you wish. I paid $100 new and they are still in fantastic shape. I know it's winter, so $50 cash takes them away. Pickup in Ithaca/Dryden area or shipping can be arranged at your cost. Send me a pm with any questions or to purchase. The link below shows the plain style in the Ebay store I bought them from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Pair-of-Outboard-Double-Rod-Holders-Brushed-mill-finish-/161080853365?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25812ac375 Here are pictures of mine: Thanks, Kyle
  14. A friend who works at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology asked if I would share this with local fisherman and I think it is a very worthy reminder for all of us. Thanks for doing your part! Fishing line brochure 8.pdf
  15. Congratulations. Keep your fingers crossed that she likes to fish!
  16. Silver and blue have done pretty well this year, too. I was out Monday night and the weeds and the fleas were absolutely awful. We quit early because it was too much like work.You will want to make sure that you are taking care to keep a pretty narrow setup so you can possibly maneuver around weeds and also that you have flea-resistant line on your riggers and diver rods or it will be more of a headache than it's worth. Ideal water temps were between 40 and 55 feet down.
  17. I have a new Walker Downrigger Adjustable Dual Rod Holder for sale. This is a boom-mount black rod holder (not chrome) that came with a tournament series electric rigger, but will mount on just about any Walker rigger except the very smallest one (the laker?). This one is brand new, never used. $55 pick up near Ithaca/Lansing/Dryden or ship for $10 more You can't buy a new one of these for less than $100 right now. I don't need it taking up space on my workbench anymore. Send me a PM if interested. Kyle
  18. I added a really strong bow/stern hook with a backer plate specifically for this purpose. I then used a coated cable and a rubberized padlock to secure it. I'm less concerned about theft than I would be about it coming off the bracket or something like that, but this serves both purposes. Good luck. It seems like you are in the home stretch. Kyle
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