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  1. sold pending payment. buyer doesn't want the bow roller, so that's available for a couple bucks if somebody needs a new one. Don't want to just throw it out and don't want it laying around...
  2. Cleaning up the work bench and don't need these little things. There is: - Bow stop boat roller (new) -- $5 - 2 Cannon EZ retrievers for downrigger weights (new, but open package) -- $15 for the pair - 3 Attwood Boat fender/bumper hanger lock kits (new, but open package) -- $10 for all three - 1 Blue Sea 12v outlet -- (new) $5 - 1 Brass 1 inch diameter brass snap tight boat plug (new) -- $1 - 1 small used boat or bilge plug -- $1 - 1 small used rail clamp for rod holder (I had used it with heavy duty black plastic one) -- $1 Buy individually, or $25 for all of it. Pickup in Ithaca area or shipped as cheaply as possibly at buyer's expense. Send me a PM.
  3. Hi, I am cleaning out the basement and have listed my last Walker Downrigger dual rod holder on Ebay. It's new, but has a couple minor scratches from sitting around for more than a year. It's a great rod holder for a Walker rigger -- should fit everything but the Lakemaster model. High bid at the moment is just $12.99 plus $9.99 shipping. Auction ends tomorrow afternoon/evening, so please jump over to Ebay and bid if you are interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201254574726?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I can't sell it outside of the Ebay auction, but I can save you the shipping costs if you win the auction and decide to do local pickup in Ithaca. Thanks for looking! Kyle
  4. Had one of those nights last Saturday. - I busted a couple deer walking into my stand, then sat in the stand and watched squirrels for two hours. - I climbed down a bit early to check and see if I could catch any early grazers in the power lines 75 yards away. I'm sneaking over toward the lines and I stop and look to my right and here comes a nice buck with a big body walking the same way as me (probably walked under my stand) - he was like 15 yards away and we saw each other at the same time. After a couple second staredown he stomped his foot and took off. - I get back to the house and discover that there is a huge hole on the inside of my cargo pants pocket and my phone has fallen out somewhere between the stand and the house. - I figure it probably is close to the stand, so I head back in the pitch dark to grab it with just a small light. Not only did I not find it, but I was focusing on the ground so much that I got turned around for a couple minutes and couldn't figure out exactly where I was. I finally figured out exactly where I was and gave up and headed home for the night. - The next morning was much better -- I found the phone just twenty yards from my stand and it still works fine!
  5. about 60 was our best down depth today and we found fish from 65' of water out to about 180 fow.
  6. Organized a trip with my fishing buddy Doug for this morning for what will likely be the last time I get to use the boat this year (lots of work and then archery season). Fished just the am today out of Myers and it was an awesome morning. We boated about 15-17 fish this morning, with 10 of them being quality fish -- heavy and good fighters. Caught a real nice salmon and a nice brown, plus a couple decent salmon and a bunch of really heavy lakers up to about 9 or 10 pounds. We kept one limit of fish, but released the rest. We also lost a couple good ones including a nice heavy fish that went airborne and then did some flips and got away. We got blown off the lake by noon with the fish stil biting, but didn't want to fight the wind and rain. We caught more fish than that a couple times this year, but not the quantity of big fish like today and even the lakers were fighting hard today. Caught them on riggers, wire divers with spinnies, and copper, too. Nothing but a couple dink salmon on the leadcore today. White, orange, green, and firetiger all took nice fish for us. We were busy and had trouble keeping lines in the water, but it sometimes didn't matter -- at one point we boated a few back to back and were down to just one rod in the water and then it fired, too. Fun morning!
  7. whatever you look at, be very careful of weight limits because that 20hp 4 stroke will exceed the limits for most of the typical brackets.
  8. So I wasn't imagining things, there isn't a place that specializes in this... At the suggestion of Cook's I am going to take it down to Willcox Tire because he said the owner, Steve, is a boater and understands boat trailers.
  9. Hey guys. I am hauling my boat to NH in a few weeks and would like to get the trailer in tip top shape before making the trip -- inspect/adjust the brakes, grease bearings, inspection, etc... Does anyone know a place that does good work on trailers near Ithaca? I didn't have the best experience with the place I last had it serviced and figured it would be ideal to take it someplace where they are used to working on things like this... I am capable of doing it myself, but honestly don't have the time to do this myself over the next two weeks. Thanks.
  10. It's been windy so many of the times that I've been out lately that I've just been trolling, but I've seen them in the usual spot -- power plant and just north in 70-120. I understand that Long Point has been productive, too. Good luck. I will bring the jigging gear along this weekend in case its calm and/or the fleas/weeds are bad.
  11. I hear you, but in my opinion I believe in weighing the EBay ratings most heavily because reviews are submitted for each transaction, instead of internet forums where people are only going to go out of their way to write the bad stuff online. Someone who does a lot of business is going to have some negative online reviews. I don't know the company, but since it's not too far away and I know I would be back on their doorstep if I had a problem, I would personally give it a shot.
  12. I've been following an outboard rebuilder from Western PA on EBay and watching what he has available for when I get ready to pull the trigger on my repower. He has awesome reviews and the motors are completely redone. When the time comes for me to pull the trigger, I am positively going with one of his motors. Here are a couple that he has right now that might suit your needs and will also fall within your budget: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-MERCURY-OUTBOARDS-OPTIMAX-200HP-ANOTHER-CLEAN-FRESH-WATER-MOTOR-1-YR-WARR-/161369899810 http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-EVINRUDE-OUTBOARD-Etec-200-HO-High-Output-SALTWATER-SERIES-/111410262038 http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-EVINRUDE-OUTBOARD-ETec-250-hp-25-1-Yr-WARR-BUY-WITH-CONFIDENCE-/111409953579 http://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-YAMAHA-OUTBOARD-250-OX66-SaltwaterSeries-II-1-Yr-WARRANTY-/161279856291
  13. Only fished on Sunday morning, but the day started off with a nice laker on a 300 copper. No matter how many times we weighed it, we couldn't get it to weigh more than 7.5lbs. That was as close as we came, but we did catch 10 lakers and 3 short salmon before we got tired of the wind and rain at 11:30. We had a case of the drops for a little while there, but we can't make any claims about losing a money fish. No lamprey at all and at least 6 of the lakers were over 5lbs. A solid day overall. Congrats to all the winners!
  14. Congratulations on the win, Rollie. Regarding the launch and a couple guys missing weigh-in. Didn't weigh-in actually happen sometime before 1:15pm? I was there just before 1:15pm and it was already complete and most people were gone. I actually didn't get to fish on Sunday (was just stopping by to check out the day's catch), so I have no real beef, but if I had been rushing back for a 1:15pm weigh in and found out it happened earlier, that would have been disappointing.
  15. Just came off the lake. No fleas and only a little bit of scum/debris/weeds along the east side from Myers up to AES. West side was completely clean. Water temps at surface ranged from 62 to 69. Bite was tough, but we managed to get our share of fish after searching and changing tactics. Good luck to all on Sunday.
  16. Selling 2 of these never used, in opened packages with all parts for $15 total -- pickup near Ithaca, Myers Point area. I bought two of these to try on my Walker riggers and quickly discovered that the magnets for my auto-stop will not pass through the pulleys.
  17. Thanks everybody. I ordered the items and will get it all set up this week.
  18. Hi, I need to replace the batteries in my boat and I am hoping to clean up the connections a little bit. I currently have a positive copper bar in the one battery compartment and I believe that bar is wired directly into the 4 position battery switch (positions for battery 1, battery 2, both, and off). A few positive connections for accessories are wired to that bar, but the negative connections for those items and other things are connected directly to the negative on the battery, so I have like five things connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Could I just add a copper bar connected to the negative terminal of the battery and wire the negatives for those accessories to the bar instead of having so many connections right at the battery? Thanks for any help you can offer. I think this is possible, but want to confirm my thoughts before I screw something up...
  19. Not that it is some terrible thing, but this guy is reselling all these electronics or doing who knows what with them. He's been buying electronics on here under that same premise for at least a couple years now. I gave him a nice deal on an affordable fishfinder for his "son's boat" a year and a half ago thinking I was doing the guy a favor and I've watched him buy several others since that time with that same story. If you're buying them to sell them again, fine, but just don't try to give the story that you are trying to help your son out with something for his boat to appeal to people's heartstrings.
  20. I just make sure to use an outboard motor support arm when I trailer mine.
  21. It's been slow the times I've been out so far. Hopefully you have better luck than we did. If the wind is out of the south it's not too rough down at the south end -- not enough pitch to get it worked up until about Bolton Point and points north.
  22. interesting -- never made it down there that far into that corner -- nice work. We were in the Trophy with the green awning (there were two Trophies down there Sunday)
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