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  1. Not as of noon today Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Hey guys....are the docks at Sandy Creek (Hamlin) raised? Can we launch there now? I passed by on Friday and it was still closed off.
  3. Nick and Theresa....have a safe and happy off season. Wishing you all the best, and hope it's a short winter. Looking forward to your reports in 2016. Thank you so much.
  4. If this is a US boat the regy numbers are on wrong. There has to be a space between NY and the numbers, and a space between the numbers and the letters. The sherrif stopped our boat and told us that.
  5. I think any kind of projectile would break their stemware and spill their martini all over their plaid shorts and little golf hat. God forbid that happen!!!
  6. We always called them 'windfairies'. Had them come real close to running over our lines when we fished near the Genny. They don't look where they're going and suddenly peek out from under their sheets and correct their course before they t-bone the boat. They're just a different class of marine operators, ignorant, arrogant, and generally disrespectful of others.
  7. http://www.walkerdownriggers.com/TripZDivers.htm
  8. Haven't been out in a few weeks, any fleas or flies showing up yet?
  10. Today is Friday and the cam url changed again. Here's the new one....
  11. here's the link for Brockport Yacht Club...http://www.brockportyachtclub.org/ They used to have a link for the webcam, but if you click on the underlined Brockport Yacht Club in the first sentence it takes you to the cam. Then click on the 'Live View' in the upper right you can save that link and go to it from there. To make the screen bigger, use cntrl+scroll on your mouse.
  12. It often changes, but here's the one I'm on now. When this one doesn't work anymore I don't know what we'll do because on the brockport yacht club's site there no longer is a link to the cam. Anyway, here's the current link.....
  13. remember.....Saturday they launch all the windfairies in the yard.
  14. checked the cam today and the link won't work, so here's a new one...
  15. now this one works too.....go figure http://byc.axiscam.net:8000/view/index.shtml
  16. I just checked the cam and it's up but the link has changed. I went to BYC and clicked on the webcam link and got this..... http://brockportyachtclub.org/webcam.php Hope it works for ya'll.
  17. just checked the cam and it's up at the moment but the link is different. I went to the BYC and clicked on the webcam link and got this.... http://brockportyachtclub.org/webcam.php
  18. Here's the link, but the site for the cam is down and has been for more than a week now. Hoping it comes back up soon. http://byc.axiscam.net:8081/view/index.shtml
  19. Details? Pics? Should we chill off a bottle of champaign? C'mon, don't keep us hanging !!!
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