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  1. That's a nice fatty Nick and Theresa. Surprised he didn't tear all your gear up haulin him in. Lake looks pretty calm out there.
  2. That sucks. What dirtbags. We all work hard to gather our tackle. Hope you catch them.
  3. Good job!! You look a little cold though. The lampreys look bad this year, quite a few of the pics on the site showed marks. I hope that doesn't hurt the fishery. I'm dying to get up to OZ. Got this four lettered problem though.
  4. Evening trolling with j plugs at the mouth producing. Otherwise, get out the bow.
  5. Thanks guys, startin to feel a little better now. Thought it might be finished. I don't really like the river gig. TJ
  6. Thinking of heading up to Mexico next sat,sun,mon. Are we wasting our time and gas? It's a five hr drive so any advise appreciated. TJ
  7. Thanks all for the update! I'll be out in my lit tle bitty 18ft sylvan channel 68.
  8. Headed up this wkend. Heard the fish are in 200 down 90. Are they east or west of the chute? Any info allways appreciated. It's a 5 hr drive for a quick 1.5 days of fishing but worth every minute on the water.
  9. Sounds like my last trip last year. We tried the lake and wound up in the river. This year I moved it up a couple of weeks and it worked out better. When it takes 5 hrs to get there, you're determined to bring back fish no matter what. Best year yet on the lake... hope it stays like that for a while. TJ
  10. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: TJ on the Pen Nay ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/7,8,9,10,11 Time on Water:6-8hrs 10am-7:30pm mostly Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves:varied 1-5ft Surface Temp:72ish Location:East of Oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 29 Total Boated:16+ 1 out of the river Species Breakdown:Kings and Cohos Hot Lure:All flies, chrome and green with black eyespot echip and spanish green bibbed fly best but all worked Trolling Speed:2.0-2.6 Down Speed: don't have one yet Boat Depth:80-130ft Lure Depth:55-95ft ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Just got back from a trip to Oswego, NY aboard my boat the "Pen Nay". Arrived on Friday at 8:30am and left Tuesday nite at 8pm, just couldn't leave. Best fishing was on Friday, we had a double and stayed out way too late, good thing I used the GPS to get back to the harbor in the pitch black. Most of the fish were Kings with an average weight in the mid twenties. Had a couple of slobs that pushed the 30lb mark. The fish were staging in 70-120 ft of water about 10 ft from the bottom. I used the downriggers and dipsy's out 220 to get em. They're now starting to come up the Salmon and Oswego rivers to spawn. Smoked a fish on Wed. when I got back....Wow are they tasty. Sorry for the late report. I think the fish are in the rivers now from what I'm hearing. Here were the stats: 9/7- 5 for 11 9/8- blown off lake, 50mph winds and 7-12ft waves. Went out in am and turned back in in 5 -7 footers....no fun. 9/9- 2 for 3 9/10- 6 for 9 on the charter 9/11- 3 for 5 All in all we caught 16 from the boat and got 1 in the river. We would have caught more but some people don't like to get up in the morning. We mostly fished the evening bite. Not a bad trip at all. TJ ====================
  11. What's your budget? There's a nice Starcraft Islander for sale in the classified that would be perfect.
  12. Nice to see ya caught some. By the way, how's the motor running for ya? Boat looks good. TJ
  13. Thanks for the update! How bad were the waves and what size rig do you have to get out that far? I've got a sylvan 18 with a 90hp and 9.9 kicker and was hoping to get up there though it seems the fish are still in deep water out 8-10miles. I've seen that lake turn nasty pretty quick and don't want to get caught outside of my comfort zone. Thanks for any tips. TJ
  14. Bout time we started getting some decent reports out of Oswego. Looking to head up over the next week or so. Thanks for the update.
  15. Nice job. You did well for being solo. What kind of 18footer do you have? I have a sylvan 18 sportsman thats been in 3-4's, that's not fun. The hardest part seems to be going thru the chute to get out. TJ
  16. Great report. Sure wish we had a fishery like Lake O closer to home. Could you imagine taking Kings and Steelies out of the Nock? Ha Ha. TJ
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