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  1. Consigliere

    Lights for evening Fishing

    Added the larger ones a spreader Lights on top of center console rocket launcher. The smaller ones attached at the sides of the rocket launcher to light up the planer boards. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Consigliere

    Processing deer

    Sounds amazing - would love venison stock. Just as an FYI- if freezer space is ever an issue stock can be pressure canned and store at room temperature. Even venison itself can be stored this way as well. (Fish too - you will never buy Tuna again if you try this yourself. Lake trout is fantastic)
  3. Kingston Ontario fishing big O and SLR. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Consigliere

    Real early lake trout

    We catch them in the SLR that time of year to ice up.
  5. Consigliere

    Where are the eyes?

    Bite is definitely been picking up. I have been fishing mouth of the lake/SLR and It has been good action. Been finding them 30-40ft running deep lures - reef runners, tail dancers with long leads (180ft+). Like usual after a cold front they have just been nipping at the cranks. Catching them on the back hook every time with some lost fish. Have found that trolling a bit quicker than usual has been helpful 2.2-28MPH on the GPS. Seems to me that best bite this year has been off the shoals a ways but occasionally have been getting them up on top in 5-10ft of water.
  6. Consigliere

    Lake O lake trout table quality?

    I love to eat fish and having stronger flavour is not a downside with me. Just came back from a trip where we kept a small laker and a big one (couldn't revive). The small one was grilled with a rub and was amazing. The large one was pressure canned. If you eat tuna or salmon canned you should can your own lake trout instead. It is essentially the same texture but better flavour in my opinion. Was my first time canning it and my wife and I are both sold. An amazing example of turning non sustainable and questionable fishing (canned tuna) into a local and sustainable harvest. A bit more work but many reasons to like it. For those that don't can - think about it. A pressure canner is the highest value add tool to your kitchen and allows free long term storage of local harvests. No refrigeration and stays good for at least a year. Pike is also good I hear and you don't need to remove Y bones when pressure canning. They will dissolve with the canning process. Unfortunately this one just under 30lbs did not make it after a good battle. 30min of reviving with no luck. It made it to a can and was delicious. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Consigliere


    Finding them deeper this year with the warm weather?
  8. Consigliere

    SLR Eyes

    Anyone mind passing on some depths having success with? Been really struggling in the usually spots out to 30-40ft. Thinking they are out deeper but haven't had a chance to try yet.
  9. Consigliere

    Lake O lake trout table quality?

    Filleted and really cleaned up they can be fine. Handling them after catch important too. Bleed and on ice ASAP. Bigger ones are for the smoker. The fat makes them perfect for that.
  10. Consigliere


    Luckily on this end of river you would be lucky to see a single boat out st night. Biggest hazard is sailing race buoys with no lights. I've added side LED spotlights for keeping an eye on planer boards to the top of the Center console which are also handy to use as spot lights.
  11. Consigliere


    Nice work guys. Seems like SLR is consistent in the night bite is much more productive than day time. That has been my experience so far on north shore this year as well but only been out a couple times unfortunately.
  12. Consigliere

    SLR Eyes

    Got a nice eater trolling a harness shallow bay close to sundown last night. Earlier one caught a big one on a reef runner but lost it At the boat. Wad trolling about 20 down over 30ft. Was somewhere between 8-10lbs.
  13. Consigliere

    SLR Eyes

    Wow 160 and fishing on bottom? That is impressive. Jigging to get down there?
  14. Consigliere

    Sunken Treasure

    Amazing catches. What kind of structure are you finding them on now - on the lake reefs already?
  15. Consigliere

    Photo of 31"

    I'm not sure that bleeding helps the taste of the fish - maybe if done immediately by getting the acid out of the fish? It definitely makes it easier and cleaner to filet. Will have to test that theory this year. The wicked tuna guys definitely do that and then ice immediately and that's how they get paid so probably something to it. Fileting the fish properly is key though. Remove all non-white flesh and take out the lateral line completely. You have to do this even with grocery store fish as well. Also this is key for lakers tasting good Also, if you are into making your own stocks for soup, sauces etc, keep the spine and heads and you can make excellent home made fish stock. Takes no time at all, eliminates waste and you would be surprised how much meat there is on a walleye head (other than just cheeks). Save that meat and throw it on a salad or something.