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  1. Should of gave it a shot, ended up on Erie, put 3 in box. That's it for the yeaR
  2. Looking to take buddy n kids out to move rods, worth the ride or head to Dunkirk for walleye? Not after majors just fish, advice appreciated
  3. Spoons and flies only, still pretty new to lake o
  4. Fished 6-10:30. Went 4 for 7 lost screamer, ended with 3 steel 1 king mid teens. 320-400 fow down 50-80
  5. All set at Ernst's, thanks for replys
  6. Anybody know if there is overnight docking available at the oak?
  7. Fished 7-12, one steel head down 50 to show for it. Lots of boats west, fished 120-220. Hope afternoon bite better
  8. Nice fish, assuming not from NY......
  9. Looking for fishing boat that doubles as family boat. Wife needs decent cuddy. Trailer, outboard, preferable fiberglass under 15k.
  10. A anyone have input on this model boat the only reports I have found are from salt water where they say the boat doesn't handle offshore well, I'm not sure how that correlates to Lake Ontario. Any input appreciated
  11. Fished 7-12. Went 1 for 2 ,inside all morning. 21# king on nbk 65 down over 85 Matt
  12. Report from olcottfishing.com, Good Morning, it is Wednesday, May 20th. It’s a chilly one with a good NW breeze. Fishing just got really good. Everyone is catching fish and those kings and steelies are biting. There are fish scattered everywhere inside so it isn’t hard to find them. Great colors to use are the caramel, rust, gold, yellows. Spoons, flies, meat – it’s all working right now. Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast and it’s going to be a good one for angling.
  13. Buddy is persistent bout take 19ft sea nymph out tomorrow early, thoughts? Mosaic seems to show it laying down tonight but would like some actual expert opinions. Thanks in advance
  14. Just got my VIP invite, will be there on 5th. Will post anything interesting
  15. Adk park in its current state can barely support the current wildlife population. Introducing any wildlife would be complete failure. Spend a lot of time in five ponds area and there just isn't any browse. Paper companies selling to the state ended a great big woods hunt!
  16. Glad you found some fish, we stayed inside 200'. Should of ventured a lil further out i guess
  17. Slow start 3 hours in and only 1 skipper ,
  18. Even if it was considered hunting, there is currently species that are legally hunted at night with aid of lights. If they are shooting to close to your building just let em know you are willing to report them. Nice fish OP
  19. Bowfishing Any person who has a fishing license or a small game hunting license or is entitled to fish without a license may take carp of any size and in any number by longbow (recurve or compound) from May 15 through September 30 from any water of the state where fishing and the discharge of a bow is permitted. Taking fish by bow is otherwise prohibited. Above from DEC website. Assume standard discharge distance of 500ft unless permitted by dwelling owner. Also it is bow fishing not bowhunting, so general fishing regs would apply(no nightime restriction)
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