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  1. Well Folks, It's now Official, Laker Fest will be held Saturday May 13, 2017. Location: Fishermans Pier boat launch(Hamilton, Ontario) Time: registration begins at 6 am with 7am blastoff Cost: $50 per angler, plus optional Calcutta entry of $50 per team. This will be a 3 fish box total weight tournament, payout 1st,2nd,3rd. With optional Calcutta for largest fish of the tournament. All coolers must be in weigh in line by 1:30 pm, no exceptions!! Blow day will be Sunday May 14, 2017 Contact Me 519-881-8543 or through pm here for registration or more info.
  2. Sold / Closed 2005 Trophy 1952WA

    Seasons coming!!! Will make someone happy!
  3. weighted wire line

    I use 50lb braid for backing, same as copper. As for depth I would say a 300' puts u close to 60'.
  4. weighted wire line

    I've used it in 300' length, we love it on our boat. Very easy to use and haven't found anything wrong with it yet. Wish it came in a bulk spool
  5. trim goes down but not up

    Trim only works up to a certain point, once above that hight the trailer button will raise the out drive the rest of the way. Try to trim it right down to bottom, the trim will work. Trim is for minor adjustments while under power, the trailer feature is used to raise out drive
  6. I can test in Canadian waters of Lake Ontario if need be!!
  7. KOTL update

    Looking forward to the new weigh in!!! Sounds like a great time!! It'll be nice to see everyone again!!
  8. Lets see your Riggs.....

    1994 24' Wilker Tournament hardtop.
  9. Wanted WTB 23'- 25' Hardtop Boat

    Might be interested in upgrading shortly, 24' wilker tournament,. Is this something you may be interested in?
  10. Id buy it today if not for the crappy Canadian dollar!!!!
  11. LOC Salmon

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  12. 3rd fish is a brown trout. This is a rainbow Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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