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  1. I am preparing setups for this spring. I am going to run a lead core 5+5 colour on one rod. So we could use 5 colors, have a section of line and then 5 more colors. Does anyone have any advice on how much braid or mono to put between the colours? I will be primarily running the lead core on planer boards.
  2. Still looking for Super Ski planer boards if anyone has a set or knows of a set
  3. We are in need of a set of Prince Mastercraft Super Ski Planer boards
  4. So we picked up 3 Shimano Torium Reels and we have about 6 spools of 10 color lead. What do you suggest we do with it all? We have 1 ten color.
  5. Easy instructions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_c56QfaGL8
  6. water is warm - on sunday surface was 74. I found cold water at the ball anywhere from 90-130 ft. It's been pretty slow though. Kings are a little bit hard to find but they are there.
  7. x2 - I run to the rod, crank it as fast as I can in the rod holder until I feel the weight then I grab the rod tip up high to make sure you have a strong hook up - I'm fishing out of a new boat now that has spring loaded rod holders, as soon as the rod releases from the rigger it pops strait up, so now i just grab the rod and reel and crank it until I feel the fish.
  8. Just remember, any time you are running sliders, your rod will release from the rigger, grab the rod and crank that reel until you feel the weight of the fish. New people I fish with grab the rod and don't feel the fish, and assume there is nothing there.
  9. Size 4 - good for 90 pounds
  10. this season we replaced pretty much everything with torpedo swivels - really like them
  11. We have six okuma convector 30d's and they are fantastic.
  12. I've caught lakers with spin doctor/spoon combos unintentionally many times
  13. Thanks everyone - I have been doing the same. I have changed a couple of my "hot spoons" to singles and prefer them no questions asked. I have left the rings as well, and replaced some split rings with the triple split rings also. I like the solid rings but most of my spoons don't come with them unfortunately.....,.
  14. Is anyone removing trebels, and using the siwash stlye hooks from gamakatsu or owner manufactures? I have read posts saying that they can ruin good spoons, and I've had multiple people tell me that they are the first thing they change on the spoon before it even touches water. Do you remove the split ring and add the hook direct to the spoon? and what sizes do you like best?
  15. Overheard some people chatting about "catching fish on a peanut". I haven't heard this terminology before...anyone know? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. For dipsy set ups we have been using Shimano Talora with Okuma Convector line counter reels. For the riggers we use Fenwick HMX rods with Shimano Charter Special Reels. Built to last, great lever drag system - hell one of our charter specials is like ten years old and not a thing wrong with it.
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