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  1. Already have them here at the house. Not looking forward to that happening thats for sure. Damn. Just waiting on the reels now in order to set them up.
  2. I have the Convector 30's coming. I ordered the Eagle Claw Starfire 10' diver rod with twilly tips from A-TOM-MIK along with two 30 lb. Camo 1000' spools. I figured that was a great set up after all I had read here. Was thinking the 20# but since I am new to this type of fishing I wanted any advantage to be in my hands not the fish.
  3. Always willing to talk. Plus I am like a sponge in trying to gather information on thing I like. I am addicted to fishing for these bigger fish now. Just hope my wallet will survive.
  4. Just bought some stuff from A-TOM-MIK for a wire set up. As on most forums I hate the search because seem so hard to find the info your after. Can anyone tell me what knots they use for both starting it on the reel and also what they like to use to attach the swivel or liter? I gave up after tring the search feature. Thanks in advance Len
  5. I could go out all last weekend and thru the week but the forcast for the week looks that bad.
  6. I use weather underground. http://www.wunderground.com/MAR/LO/044.html
  7. Not sure you can go wrong with any of them. But the Pro V would get my vote.
  8. Learn a few things that now I have to research a bit more. Going to start using my downriggers this weekend. First time for that on the new boat.
  9. I check the reports all the time. Nice to have a variety.
  10. Still the newbie to Lake Ontario I need your guys help. I have made 4 trips out so far this year for brown's and had pretty good success. I have next sun, mon & tues off and want to go try my luck a bit deeper for some Kings or lakers. I have two manual riggers to run down. Just wanted to know if you guys could give a starting point? Not looking for your spots just things like depths I may start off at and what the typical lures are for them now in early spring. Been seeing spoons and stick baits. Any help for my starting point will be great. Colors, lures and depths. Please help this newbie catch his first big fish so I can waste $40 worth of gas a day enjoying the water. Thanks
  11. I am new to Lake Ontario Fishing. I already posted about what lines to buy. I am going to set up a couple poles on top of my brown trout poles. I want to get two wire dipsy set ups that was suggested by a bunch of you guys along with A-TOM-MIK. I have been reading a ton on here but can't find anything on proper spooling of wire line. I am going to wait for the time being on copper till I reload the tackle money fund. When spooling wire do I need backer? Do I use a line like power pro for so many feet first. Then load on the wire. Then more of the power pro to whatever liter I want to go with? What wire line are you guys using? Your guys help is needed. I may just surf the net but figure you guys would know better what is best for where we fish. Thanks in advance. Len
  12. Wow nice fish. The smile is better than the fish though.
  13. Just ordered two 45's. Need to stop buying tackle!!!!!!
  14. One of the joys I have in life is hunting and fishing with my buddies. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
  15. Yeah my wallet needs some help from my fishing buddies. I need them to start picking up some stuff. Trying to outfit my boat is one thing but for 4 rod/reels is another. As we all know fishing tackle isn't cheap. Fished walleyes on Oneida all my life. The guy I bought this boat from said that once I fished Ontario I wouldn't want to fish Oneida for walleyes again. LOL He may be right. I am addicted to browns now. Can't imagine once I go for Kings or Salmon. Look out.
  16. I am willing to fish for any of them. Just need a starting point. I can only buy so much equipment at once. I started the winter with no tackle for any fishing on lake Ontario and have invested close to $2000 on odds and ends, Polls, boards, lures, spoons and other tackle. Is there a good thread about setting up a wire rod? Having trouble finding that too. Doing a search brings up anything that ever mentioned wire in it. Tough to read through them all. Thanks a lot guys. Actually went to Bass Pro last night and spent $320 and didn't even get a rod/reel. Just some rod holders and a bunch more tackle. Its an addiction this fishing thing. LOL
  17. I already have 4 rods set up with accudepth 47lc's for browns. Been running them with inline boards. I don't want to change line that often so I want to get the 4 set up's to minimize that. I have 4 extra rods that are in the 8'-10' range. Think they are 9'6" for the most part. Was thinking of the convectors to put on them. I can do that. Spool two of them with mono. Then do the other with wire dipsy set ups. Is that good? I know there is a ton of info here but seems like I am looking over the same stuff over and over. Is there a post or two that has info on a wire set up. Thinking two of them will do my set up good. Then maybe after my wallet recovers grab a prespooled copper from A-TOM-MIK. Thanks for your help guys. Any more suggestions won't hurt.
  18. Do we need to register or just show up? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. I am new to lake Ontario fishing for sure. I fish walleye on Oneida lake most of the time. Took a few charters years back on Ontario but it was for brown trout. Over the winter I researched fishing for them and have had success so far every time out. I have been searching the site like crazy for the last two weeks for info on going deep for the big boys. I want to be prepared for summer when I will concentrate on them. My head is spinning on what rod/reel combos to get and what line to run. I see everything from wire dipsy, copper and leadcore. I have two manual down riggers and just got a bunch of different dipsy divers that I have not used yet(slowly getting tackle). I will be going out for browns this weekend and think I will stop and the local bait shop to pick his brain a bit but want your guys advice. I want to buy 4 rod/reel combos so that when I take guys with me they won't have to worry about buying equipment. I don't want to go top of the line but I want stuff that will stand the test of time. Most likely I will be getting out 1-2 times a week if lucky and weather permitting. So if you guys were to buy 4 rod/reel combos what would you get to start off with and what line would you run? Any help would be awesome. Anyone close to me that wants to show me bit of their setup that would help too. I have been to the A-TOM-MIK site several times but it doesn't help when you don't know what you want to run. I also have a ton of spoons that I just got, roughly 60-70, and can get my hands on some leadcore line. Had no idea what the hell it was when I had the chance to grab it from a buddy so I left it. If you guys say grab it I will. Also can grab any color spoons I want so if you guys say grab a certain color I will grab as many as I can for my tackle boxes. Thanks for any advice!!!
  20. Being new to fishing Ontario and trying to learn what my next few rod/reel/line set-ups should be is making my head spin. I like this thread but the more I read the more I am up in the air. Been reading around the site for a few hours everyday for the last week or two. Mono, leadcore, copper etc. Damn. Been having great success with the brown trout but once walleye slow down in July I want to concentrate on Ontario. Think I am going to go nuts finding my net set-up for deeper fishing.
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