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    Lead Core?

    I bought a few rod/reel combos and set them up with the sufix 832 lead core. I have a lot of other rods set up for trolling so I will try out some snap weights as well. This summer when they go deep here on Oneida it is going to be a learning experience. All my buddies give up when they go deep. I am a stubborn person and don't give up. lol. I love learning new techniques. I normally only go 2-2.5 but am going to give the 3.0 a chance too. Can't argue with success, right? Less than a week till we get to get out!!!!!!
  2. ducks517

    Lead Core?

    Ok So whats the typical backing you use? Only going to set it up for walleye but it may have a chance to go in the water for some Lake Ontario browns. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. ducks517

    Lead Core?

    I need to investigate a bit. I see 10 color spools. Are you guys just cutting the line to your desired length/depth you want? I do have all the snap weights but last year it seemed like the guys running lead core were doing better than most.
  4. ducks517

    Lead Core?

    I use Suffix braid now on my regular polls and love it. I looked up reviews on Cabelas and they were mixed. Either great or horrible. They say it fell apart and or started to bubble. Check it out. Literally rating is either a 1 or a 5.
  5. ducks517

    Lead Core?

    Since it's winter and cabin fever is setting in I'm looking to get some set ups for this year. I'm going to get a few lead core rods set up for trolling. Looking thru reviews they are so mixed on lines. Seems like they are either 5 star or 2-3 stars. No consistent reviews. Just curious if anyone is running a lead core trolling set up for walleye and if so what brand etc. of lead core are you using? Also likes or dislikes about it.
  6. I would consider going. All depends on when it is. I work shift work so not sure I would have the time off. You know I am interested, Justin.
  7. Need help in finding a few different systems to look into over the winter. I am looking for some good rod holders to use on Ontario. My boat is a 06' 19 triton. The rail is only 1 1/2" wide. So most of the systems that need roughly a 4" rail aren't going to do me any good. I want something that a 25lb kind isn't going to rip off the boat. I bought some loc tite metal ones that clamp on the side of the boat with that c-clamp like fitting. The shifted just trolling so I put a screw in the end of them for more stability. After that I took some nice fish but still don't like them. I want the tube style that can shift positions really. Any help to find a good system would be awesome. Pics of setups with small rails like I have would be great too. Thanks in advance Len
  8. Thats got to be near the top if not the top laker. Where is it on the board?
  9. No they both have a single 1000' spool on them each. I literally did them 5 min apart one after the other.
  10. Why I didn't think of that I don't know. Might have to take the reel apart a few times during letting it out. LOL thanks guys
  11. I have two rods set up for wire dipsys. Both are Okuma convector reels with AFW 30lb wire on them on the poles I bought from ATOMIK with the twilly tips on them. The one works great. The other one messed up on us three times in a row. What it was doing was as we let it out, with our thumb on the spool to not just let it free spin, part of the wire down a bit below what was actually being letting out would jump in between the spool and the housing. I had to take apart the side of the reel to release it. In my opinion I think it might be just not spooled it on tight enough. I did them both the same way. Shocked that I don't have any problems with the other one. Is it just a spooling problem? Is there a secret to spooling up a wire rod? Do I want to spool it super tight? I am not sure how I will save this line to be able to respool it with that. Might just have to buy new line. Really don't want to shell out another $40 to buy new wire since this is new line that has only been used a few times. Any help would be great. Thanks Len
  12. The swivels and flashers were new. I was thinking about putting in a flouro liter in but wasn't sure if adding in a few more swivels was the correct thing to do. I thought I read somewhere on here that you want to keep the number of them or drag type things to a minimum. What is the favorite line to use during the hot flea season?
  13. I am a rookie to Lake Ontario for sure. We went out this weekend for our first trip for Kings using two down riggers for the 30lb flea flicker line. The line was fine down to the ball. After the ball was another story. It got twisted up looking almost like a braided line. The set up I had on the end of both of them was a 1/0 snap swivel on the end of the line attached to a stinger flasher. The flashers were both new out of the package. Then on the end of the flashers had an atomik fly. I would think that the swivels on the flasher plus the one on the end of the line would have prevented this twisting of the line after the ball but didn't. What am I missing here?Is there something I need to put in line? Any help would be great so next time it doesn't do that. We did end up catching a brown on that set up and it didn't break but I know that it 100% should do that. Thanks Len
  14. Getting myself pumped up following your reports yet again. BUT we are going out for my first true king trip of the year tomorrow out of Mexico. Most likely wont be able to sleep tonight. Let the learning process start. Hopefully we will be able to boat a few of them. Keep the report coming!
  15. nice video of the rod snapping. I had a lighter one do that while walleye fishing. Gets your heart to skip a beat when that happens.
  16. I can just imagine the club used to knock him out when he got into the boat. LOL. Think we have all been there where a fish tangles everything up.
  17. Nice pics and report. I think I need to get my girlfriend a fishing license just to be able to put more fish in the boat. Love to see her battle a big king. Think she would need a nap after that.
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