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  1. 32 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

    It is a design flaw of all boats that we must rely on a $150 bilge to secure a very expensive piece of machinery. The day I decided to no longer slip my boat, a great weight was lifted off my chest. I have two auto bilges and an on-demand third and I still have reoccurring dreams I am on my boat sinking. 

    Not true. My boat has over 6000lbs of swamped capacity. Pull the plugs, fill it with water and park your car on it. 

  2. DSM5578 (Devon) joined Dickey and I on the boat this morning. Devon is relatively new at Lake Ontario and wanted to get things dialed in a little. Good news I did a master class on how to tangle copper rods with diver rods, hopefully he puts this new found knowledge to good use. 
    Worked primarily 120 to 180. Water was quite unstable, warm water flooding in from the west. Had a quick double followed by a handful of drops and tangles. Was a little bit of a grind but by 11:30 we’d had over 20 bites and landed a dozen Kings with four or five over 20lbs. Lots of laughs, had a fun morning. 







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  3. Really cool boat. Best of everything from motors (3) to electronics. Good luck with the sale but won’t last long. 
    Perfect set up for Niagara River drift fishing as well as the other options you listed. Wow

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