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  1. I imagine others will chime in here but I use Seaguar and have had great luck with it. You can buy most of it in 200 yd spools (e.g. Red Label etc.) There are various versions of it that may suit other types of fishing too. I have had good luck with both Red and blue label types (the red is usually less expensive). I use 10 012 lb for the Finger Lakes and 20 lb for Lake O. Whatever you do stay away from the Berkeley Vanish it is total crap and breaks very easily. There are other good brands out there as well as the Seaguar too.


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  2. IMG_2002.JPG
    Fox have been plentiful this year but yet to kill a coyote. Most years have half a dozen by now. Wonder if it’s the weather?
    Pretty sure by the end of March we’ll have our share.

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  3. 1st is a Catalina reel on an 8’6”  uglystick  roller rod. This was a spare on my boat and haven’t used it in the last 2 years. Not sure exactly how much wire or backin is on it but it’s very close to full spool.  


    2nd Is a Diawa Sealine SG47 on An 8’6” Offshore Gold Cup rod with twirli tip. It was just spooled with 1000ft of wire at fat nancys last September. 


    I bought all new diver combos this winter so time to let these go. Located near Scranton Pa.  

    Askin $100 each. 





    Won’t last long



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  4. I have a 1999 272 Fishermen. Full inboard single screw with a Merc Mag 350 in it. The nice thing with the fishermen is the open dance floor in the back. No dog house of any sort to fight around. I run the boat on Champlain & Ontario & it will handle anything i want to fish in. Top end 28 - 32 mph depending load.
    The GLE i believe is the mid-engine dog house...not my favorite thing to work around. 
    Just my $.02!

    That’s Badass!!!

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